What exactly was The Rock doing

Amador & his team rock Vienna

How often does a pizzeria change its “menu”? What will be changed? Nothing at all! "And people keep coming back again and again."

“We have traveled around the world! To London, NY, Tokyo, Chicago, Boston, Singapore and much more! We tasted our way through the world kitchens! It was a great time. However, you are always encouraged to take something new with you and sell it as “your” own. It distorts your picture. It's different today. "

He is exotic, an adventurer and arguably Austria's best chef. Together with his young, innovative and creative team, he develops dishes that are incomparable.

We were allowed to enjoy an extraordinary cooking class for one day. Get to know Juan personally and browse through a great menu. Many thanks to Juan, his boys and the Hiramasa Kingfish Team for the unforgettable time! To be seduced into a world for a few hours, to be kidnapped - which rarely occurs a second time. A great overall package of culinary highlights paired with lots of fun. Not pretentious, as one would often like to suspect. No, simply relaxed, fun and in an absolute feel-good atmosphere! THANKS!

“I never wanted to be a chef”!I.I wanted fast cars, lots of parties and women.Hotel director, general manager, doctor or lawyer came into question! "Because back then a chef was nothing special."

It was supposed to go in that direction, but it was changing rapidly. During an internship, Amador was put in the kitchen. From one second to the next it had made “boooom”. He found a certain interest in cooking, in the discipline in the kitchen. His bosses didn't like him. He was lazy. He didn't care about anything. BUT he was super good! Or maybe not?

"It will never be anything", a sentence that should have stayed with him all his life. Changed his life and brought him to where he is today. A sentence that was tough but what made him what he is today. One of the best chefs of our time.

His name goes around the world. People from near and far travel to the Austrian capital to pay a visit to Amador. Its audience is international. Of the 12 tables, 10 are in English.

Amador is a cook. Sounds strange, doesn't it? Sure, of course! What else is he? However, there are worlds between the terms cook and cook. Because he is one of the few who still has a clue about COOKING. Knows the handling and use of food and appreciates it, creates incredible moments of taste and does not stick to recipes.

“Recipes are like painting by numbers. They restrict and make us unlearn the real idea of ​​cooking. "Cooking is a creative process that should always be in the foreground. The card is thus modified according to personal preferences. Sometimes not. Cooking is one of the highest creative processes. An art. A gift. A passion.

A passion with a large portion of heart and soul. Which at Amador you can feel and taste with every single bite. Every single composition and the combination of ingredients are carefully thought out from start to finish. His young & authentic team experiments with new creations every day.

Amador became head chef at the young age of only 24. Since then, he has had a love-hate relationship with his job. “I love my job, but I also hate it. The highest feelings that a person can probably muster ". Only then, according to Amador, can you do something right and with deepest conviction.

As a young chef, he always set himself new goals, worked hard towards them and devoted himself to the colorful, exotic world of food. "I can't stand anyone above me", laughs Amador. He got his first star at the age of 24. And an exciting journey should begin. A trip through numerous countries such as Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Co. which should stop in Vienna. In the AMADOR RESTAURANT in the 19th district of Vienna.

You can only do one thing really well!

Regional is a term that Amador has little to do with. "What is regional anyway? An Austrian fish bathed in Japanese spices, ingredients and flavors? Is that regional? Hardly likely!" Austria has its quality products here and there. However, the best products come from abroad. The main supplier, in terms of fish, is Portugal (Algarve) and the unique one Hiramasa Kingfish from the south of Australia.

When Amador was running his restaurant in Mannheim, he was already cooking with the Hiramasa Kingfish. Since then, it's hard to imagine his menu without. A fish that has become fashionable. Marinated raw. “Everyone wanted to sell themselves as“ Japanese ”. We, on the other hand, use the fish in a different way. Although I am not a fan of the breeding product, the Hiramasa Kingfish is TOP and we prepare it in a very special way. "

Prices are not based on menus, but on the valuable products that Amador uses for his dishes. He has the best of the best and you can taste that too. Nobody in Austria wants to spend money. So we get the 2 B goods to Germany. Amador's audience comes for the unusual and at the same time familiar tastes. That also has its price. I always think I should invest in memories. Many of these memories happen at a table, in good company and in unforgettable dishes. They stay, imprint themselves in my head and trigger a great feeling in me.

I have already visited many of these so-called “high end restaurants” around the world. Amador, on the other hand, manages, compared to many others, that dishes and flavor compositions are remembered. If it tastes good I would come back again and again ...

“Come once and not a second time”! Why should you always change everything?How often does a pizzeria change its “menu”? What will be changed? Nothing at all! "And people keep coming back again and again."There are films that we watch over and over again. And we enjoy it after the 10th time. Amador changes his menu depending on how he feels. The classics remain, however.

What if a superstar doesn't play their hits? We are disappointed! "When a Korean comes to see just one pigeon and it is not on the menu. He is disappointed".It takes signature dishes that are always there! They are the super hits on the culinary menu.

A tip from the star chef:

"The Zuma you should definitely not miss yours! It is sensational! One of my favorite restaurants. Which I have already visited in London and Bangkok. It is system catering at the highest level. The food and the design are absolutely great! "

PS: Recipes and names of dishes are not revealed here. Come by yourself and embark on a top-class culinary journey that will be remembered for a long time.