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Determine glove size: Instructions and size table

What is your glove size? No idea?! We reveal how you can determine your glove size in just a few steps and how you can tell whether a model really fits your hands. With size chart!

Short and sweet

  • The Measure hand circumference is theBasis, to determine your glove size.
  • Our Size Chart helps you to classify your own values.
  • But: Glove sizes are also not standardized. In case of doubt, only that helps Fitting.

You need that to take measurements

To determine your own glove size, you need a Tape measure. Alternatively, you can also use a tape, piece of string or the like as a measuring aid. In this case, you will also need a ruler or folding rule to measure the length.

This is how you determine your glove size

To choose the right glove size, you simply have to measure your hand circumference and pay attention to a few small things:

  • Place the measuring tape or measuring aid in the middle of your hand - i.e. below the ball of the foot and above the base of the thumb - around the open, slightly bent hand.
  • Then write down the circumference of your hand.

The tape should be loose, but not loose, at its widest point. Be careful with elastic bands: The measuring aid should not be stretched.

You can find the individual products at Bergzeit under the link to "Size Chart“Your suitable glove size.

Gloves size chart

Important: The tables below give the Standard dimensions again. Where Manufacturer tables are available, you can find them in the Bergzeit Shop under "Size Chart" for the respective product (see screenshot above).

Glove size chart women

Circumference / in cm15,51616,517181920,5222324
corresponds toXSXSS.S.M.M.L.L.XLXL

Glove size chart men

Circumference / in cm1920,5222324262729
corresponds toS.S.M.M.L.L.XLXXL

Glove size chart children

Circumference / in cm131414,51515,51616,5171819
corresponds toXSXSS.S.M.M.L.L.XLXL

Glove sizes are not standardized

Gloves are not standardized by size. That is, the Manufacturer information are only Guideline values. Each brand designs their models a little differently. Differences in cut or fit are the rule. We therefore recommend trying on gloves in our Bergzeit branches. Our customer ratings can also help.

In between sizes: cross-border commuters watch out!

Feminine, big, wider hands and long fingers? In the Bergzeit range, gloves are sorted into men's, women's and children's gloves, but in some cases it makes more sense if you also browse through the “other” range. And then when you move with your dimensions in the limit area or have very wide (more men’s models) or very delicate (more women’s models) hands. Adults with very small hands will sometimes find what they are looking for with children's gloves.

  • Tip: Just for the sake of completeness, because the ladies concerned already know: Long fingernails also want to be considered when buying gloves!

Trying on: gloves have to fit

You can only find out whether gloves fit properly when you try them on. Just like shoes, they must not press or chafe, so you should pay attention to annoying seams and pressing equipment. With optimally fitting gloves, you can slip through the shaft without any problems (width check), your fingertips hit the front slightly without encountering significant resistance when stretching (length check).

For optimal freedom of movement with gloves, the length of the fingers should be compatible with that of the glove - that is, you can fully spread your fingers and the finger tips do not restrict your movement.

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