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Dwayne Johnson: All films from "The Rock" in the ranking

Logically, money alone does not also mean quality. And yet there must be something to it if a single actor has consistently dominated the top of Hollywood's top earners for years. Since 2017, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been granted the place that Forbes magazine has unofficially chosen for it every year.

For ex-wrestler Johnson, who, after his successful career at WWE and minor initial difficulties in film, was able to rise to the absolute world star of mainstream cinema, this means, conversely, that one successful film chased the next in recent years!In the 2019 financial year alone, “The Rock” came to almost 90 million US dollars through its films - Advertising deals with Under Armor and Co. not included.

“It's always about the audience first. What do the viewers want to see and what is the best scenario that we can create to send everyone home satisfied and happy ", the all-rounder justified its financial success via Forbes.

So what is behind the success of the native Californian with Samoan roots, is it a simple calculation or a coincidence? What about the cinematic quality of his projects? More than reason enough for us to take a closer look at Dwayne Johnson's previous work. In addition to a short list of all his projects as an actor - we leave out dubbing roles like in "Vaiana" here - we have made it our task to rank his best, mediocre and worst films neatly according to their quality.


Dwayne Johnson's full filmography - from 2001 to 2019

  • The mummy returns, 2001
  • The Scorpion King, 2002
  • Welcome to the Jungle, 2003
  • Walking Tall, 2004
  • Be Cool - Everyone is looking for the next big hit, 2005
  • Doom - The Movie, 2005
  • Southland Tales, 2006
  • Parole game, 2006
  • Daddy with no plan, 2007
  • Get Smart, 2008
  • The Hunt to the Magic Mountain, 2009
  • Tooth fairy on probation, 2010
  • The slightly different cops, 2010
  • Faster, 2010
  • Fast & Furious Five, 2011
  • The Journey to the Mysterious Island, 2012
  • Snitch, 2013
  • G.I. Joe - The Reckoning, 2013
  • Empire State, 2013
  • Pain & Gain, 2013
  • Fast & Furious 6, 2013
  • Hercules, 2014
  • Fast & Furious 7, 2015
  • San Andreas, 2015
  • Central Intelligence, 2016
  • Fast & Furious 8, 2017
  • Baywatch, 2017
  • Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle, 2017
  • Rampage - Big Meets Bigger, 2018
  • Skyscraper, 2018
  • Fighting With My Family, 2019
  • Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, 2019
  • Jumanji - The Next Level, 2019


Dwayne Johnson's hit series: Ballers

© Warner Bros.

How varied and versatile Dwayne Johnson has actually presented himself over the past ten to fifteen years is also demonstrated by his involvement with HBO in the hit series "Ballers". His role as a former American football superstar and active finance manager of new, exciting talents in the popular US sport does not make Dwayne Johnson sweat completely in terms of style and character, but sometimes shows the action star from his more dramatic side.

Fans of American football and "The Rock" have of course long since had the HBO production, which is now in its fifth season. It is also worth taking a look for everyone else: “Ballers” is convincing as a dramedy with a sports focus, which, alongside Dwayne Johnson, has Denzel's son and “BlacKkKlansman” star John David Washington in another leading role. The sporting activity is produced by Stephen Levinson ("Entourage"). Since this is a series, "Ballers" is of course excluded Ranking of the best, mediocre and worst films in Dwayne Johnson's career to date.


Well-deserved success: The best films with "The Rock"

Since his “Fast & Furious” commitment just eight years ago, the coveted American has already made a mere 19 movies - including the “Jumanji” sequel in December, that makes around two films a year! So a lot of wood with which “The Rock” could fill its bank account and inspire its fans worldwide.

But which titles really deserve their success and are particularly worth recommending from a cinematic point of view?

Jumanji - Welcome to the jungle

© Sony Pictures

Helping well-known classics gain new strength has been part of Dwayne Johnson's portfolio for a long time. With its sequel to the Robin Williams board game classic "Jumanji", "The Rock" finally gave the shot down the rest. The outstanding mix of comedy and adventure film is just a lot of fun, shows Dwayne Johnson from his self-deprecating side and knows thanks to the modern one To inspire video game references consistently. Together with Buddy Kevin Hart and several other high-profile Hollywood stars, "The Rock" ensured that the idea behind the popular cult film from 1995 was appropriately adapted for a modern audience and even continued directly.

The very idea of ​​placing our four heroes in roles that do not correspond to their ideal is gigantic. While Jack Black, for example, is playing the bitchy cheerleading cliché, the shy, introverted scaredy of the group (played by Alex Wolff) gets superhero Dwayne Johnson alias Dr. Smolder Bravestone is assigned as a character in the game.

Simply wonderful and roaring funny how the gigantic mountain of muscles Johnson always crouches down and in absolutely panic with the others (including Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas) through the jungle and tries to finally step out of his own shadow - you just have to see it!

See the current trailer for the sequel "Jumanji - The Next Level", which starts in December - this time also with Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, who suddenly feel fresher and fitter than ever before:


Pain & Gain

© Paramount Pictures

A title on which the opinions clearly differ. For our part, we love that shit! How Dwayne Johnson, together with Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie, loosely goes to work on the basis of real events as a gym pumper with no sense or understanding and plans with his dumbbell buddies to make big money including illegal crook deals, is just damn surprising and simple ingenious.

Especially fans of typical "The Rock" films, in which he always saves the day with a sure-fire success and single-handedly clears rows of opponents out of the way, were disappointed with his performance in "Pain & Gain". Dwayne Johnson is incredibly self-deprecating here, doesn't take his own action image too seriously and therefore convinces all along the line with more character than perhaps never before.

Director and boom expert Michael Bay knew exactly what he was doing and how he had to use his three muscle piles accurately. Ultimately, Dwayne Johnson even manages to overtake the actual main character (played by Mark Wahlberg) and ROCK each of his scenes with absolute style - an unreserved recommendation for every fan of strong, exciting stories!

Central Intelligence

© Universal Pictures

Whenever Dwayne Johnson dares to venture out of his action comfort zone, which has now been tailor-made for him almost casually and to a certain extent without his involvement, his films are really strong. This is also the case with “Central Intelligence”, the incredibly funny buddy comedy with Kevin Hart, in which “The Rock” is once again very self-deprecating.

As a formerly overweight high school student who traded french fries for a weight bench after graduating and was trained to be an ice-cold, ultra-casual secret agent, Dwayne Johnson can still flaunt his stature again.

At the same time, his character in "Central Intelligence" is completely different: The clumsy, kind-hearted teen from back then is still hiding behind the muscles - a feast for the laughing muscles that always leads to roaring, funny situation humor!

Get Smart

© Warner Bros.

Classic agent comedy AND Dwayne Johnson in one sentence? It was logical that “Get Smart” by director Peter Segal (“Zwei vom alten Schlag”) had to be a complete success! As a heroically casual top agent 23, "The Rock" has definitely set a small monument for itself here alongside Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Alan Arkin. Unfortunately, the flick has been hugely underestimated to this day and is often left out when it comes to the US star's previous achievements.

In “Get Smart” he delivers that casual and quick-witted performance for which his fans love him so much, but in 2008 the film simply came too early for many viewers. If Dwayne Johnson were to conjure up the same film again in 2019, it would certainly be a success à la “Central Intelligence”!

Game on probation

© Sony Pictures

With a look at Dwayne Johnson's past in the ring, the fact comes as a real surprise that “Probation” was the only sport-related film in his vita to this day (or until the release of “Fighting With My Family”). As the coach of a team of petty criminal adolescents, who thanks to his help get the chance for a better life, "The Rock" again delivered a damn strong performance.

In general, motivating sports dramas are extremely important and entertaining, despite their always similar construction. "Probation game" can already be easily mentioned in a row with such classics of the genre as Samuel L. Jackson's "Coach Carter" or Kevin Costner's "For the love of the game".


© Sony Pictures

When it comes to tough, straightforward action, "Faster" is by far one of the interesting titles in the bulging Dwayne Johnson portfolio. The Racher-Actioner shows "The Rock" exactly as his fans urgently want to see him: uncompromising, tough and damn cool! In contrast to some of the other films of the genre that the US star has conjured onto the screen in recent years, "Faster" is, above all from the point of view of the story, much more thrilling and surprisingly dramatic.

So this time Dwayne Johnson not only has to flex his muscles, but also give his emotional range to the best when he takes revenge on his brother's murderers as an outcast ex-crook. These are mimed by Hollywod legend Billy Bob Thornton and "Spuk in Hill House" star Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who work excellently as opponents of the Johnsons.

Simply a damn well-rounded affair - if you have the choice of which action thriller he or she has to watch with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the lead role, then “Faster” is the right choice!

Fighting With My Family

"Fighting With My Family" tells the tragic ups and downs in the career of WWE wrestling star Paige, who had to hang up her wrestling shorts at the age of 27 after a furious start. Various injuries forced the native Englishwoman to abdicate early. In fact, it was "The Rock", of all people, who recognized the tough fighter's potential and got her a spot at the WWE.

It was also Dwayne Johnson's idea to recreate her story in the cinema. The result is gigantic: peppered with big names like "Game of Thrones" star Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn or Nick Frost as well as newcomer Florence Pugh and of course Dwayne Johnson as Dwayne Johnson, director Stephen Merchant has created a very special kind of sports biopic .

"The Rock" itself not only provided the necessary portion of muscle mass in the film, but also behind the scenes for the correct representation of the events. Precisely because Johnson took one or two steps out of the limelight in an absolutely selfless manner in order to offer the actual star enough space to unfold, “Fighting With My Family” should definitely not be missing from this list!

The "Fast & Furious" franchise

© Universal Pictures

Once started as a series of films about fat PS monsters and smaller gangster games, the “Fast & Furious” franchise has long since become independent - thanks in part to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Since he joined Vin Diesel with “Fast & Furious Five” as an opponent, nobody could stop what was rolling towards the action-loving cinema audience. Most recently, the first spin-off in the series even celebrated its premiere with “Hobbs & Shaw”, which will bring the “Fast & Furious” franchise to nine films at the end of 2019 - episodes 10 to 12 are also already in the making. Incomprehensible!

When it comes to action and consistent quality, “Fast & Furious” is hard to beat. Especially thanks to Dwayne Johnson, the series has recently gained a lot of idiosyncrasy, which is generally damn good for the franchise and is already making the future of the “Fast & Furious” film series shine in adrenaline-soaked splendor!

Welcome to the jungle

© Sony Pictures

Jungle Action, the Third! After two more or less successful appearances as Scorpion King, Dwayne Johnson finally celebrated his breakthrough in Hollywood with “Welcome to the Jungle”. The first, really serious leading role of his career immediately gave him one of the most underrated buddy relationships that the adventurous action film has ever seen.

The chemistry between “The Rock” and Seann William Scott, who was still notorious for his “American Pie” role at the time, just sparked off on the spot and, in addition to strong action elements, ensured countless memorable comedy moments. Unfortunately to this day it has been sold immeasurably below value and often avoided - not least thanks to Dwayne Johnson, "Welcome to the Jungle" is exactly the entertaining action-adventure pearl that is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare these days.

The slightly different cops

© Sony Pictures

"Do you think what I think, partner?" - "Look at the bushes!"

What Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson conjure up on the scene in “The Cops with a Difference” does not fit on a cow's skin. The already insane flick with cult potential, in which Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell cheat their way through a complicated case as idiots with badges, would have been one or two highlights without the appearance of the two cliché cooludes with a continuous finger on the trigger .

Even though the two only appear briefly and combine earlier roles like in “Shaft” or “Welcome to the Jungle”, Johnson and Jackson make for some of the best and most memorable moments of the film. The legendary jump scene is just the cherry on the absurd coolness sundae:


Be Cool - Everyone is looking for the next big hit

Probably the last movie any modern Dwayne Johnson fan would have expected on this list - at least not in the top third! Sure, "Be Cool" is okay on its own, not a stroke of genius, but also not a catastrophe. What “The Rock” delivers here as a “fashion-conscious” bodyguard with acting ambitions is just really, really big cinema.

How he celebrates himself in front of the mirror when he treats himself to a new, chic suit for the planned audition at John Travolta aka Chili Palmer or incorporates the famous eyebrow as a meta-joke for every “The Rock” connoisseur, should not be ignored stay. For us even today Dwayne Johnson's perhaps the funniest, because the most daring performance ever!


Mediocre: Those Dwayne Johnson films got to not necessarily seen

Between heaven and hell there is plenty of room for mediocrity. “The Rock” has of course also managed in its long, successful career to produce films that either would not have needed it in this form or that unfortunately left a lot of potential on their way to the cinema.

Johnson's middle includes, above all, various actioners and thrillers, which you can definitely watch, but at the same time every viewer misses a lot if he or she lets it stay for reasons.

Walking Tall - On your own

Dwayne Johnson's first foray into the action genre may have made waves back then, but today “Walking Tall” is nothing more and nothing less than mediocre revenge fare with no depth. For fans of the genre, for whom nothing is more sacred than straightforward action without great twists or modern gimmicks, Johnson's appearance should still offer sufficient entertainment potential. We would like to recommend “Faster” to everyone else, which does a lot better not only from a technical point of view, but above all from a narrative point of view.However, this film by director Kevin Bray is better than many other genre representatives in the long career of “The Rock” - just a good average that doesn't need long phrases.

The mummy returns

© Universal Pictures

Wicked! How dare you relegate the legendary Stephen Sommers franchise to absolute mediocrity? Admittedly, “The Mummy Returns” is of course fantastic in and of itself, and it is not without reason that it has been a classic of its genre for many years. However, this is mainly about "The Rock" - and in its first major film role it does not necessarily contribute to the quality of the film.

On the contrary: By far the biggest criticism of the second mummy film with Brendan Fraser should be absolutely rightDwayne Johnson's ridiculously animated Scorpio self be, which at the end of the film more badly than right and also involuntarily comically enters the scene to briefly take on Pharaoh Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo). So you may already have an inkling of the fate that Mathayus' solo adventure from 2002 will overtake ...


The hunt to the magical mountain / The journey to the mysterious island

© Walt Disney / Warner Bros.

As much as “The Rock” likes to look into the rampant shallows of the jungle, the US star has apparently still not found his target. In the Disney feature "The Hunt to the Magic Mountain" and Warner's "The Journey to the Mysterious Island", Dwayne Johnson ended up in exotic forests full of dangers, adventures and risky trials that the superstar had to overcome. For kids with a penchant for adventure, the two films may definitely be good entertainment, but for everyone else these two representatives don't necessarily have to be.

Strange fact on the side: Despite the similar starting position, the two films have absolutely nothing to do with each other ...

Snitch - a risky deal

© Universal Pictures

Another classic case of:"Totally okay, but doesn't have to be"! The more or less involuntary Carhartt promotional video (see photo) is one of many action thrillers in Dwayne Johnson's Vita, but it is neither one of the better nor the worse. Simply mediocre, which even brilliant co-stars like Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal or David Harbor could only keep from the bottom third. Whoever experiences our dear “The Rock” for the first time in “Snitch - A Risky Deal”, on the other hand, or simply loves it when he quasi single-handedly messes with hordes of crooks, will still have fun with the story.

Unfortunately, the film by "Angel Has Fallen" director Ric Roman Waugh does not hold much new for experienced fans of the genre.

G.I. Joe - The reckoning

To save the planned franchise around the iconic Hasbro action figures, all-rounder Dwayne Johnson was hired in 2013. But even a big player like him was able to use the moderately implemented template, which his co-stars Dennis Quaid, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum from the point of view of “G.I. Joe - Cobra Secret Mission “, don't sink into the net of success. Despite additional star and muscle power in the person of Bruce Willis, “G.I. Joe - The Reckoning “falls far short of the expectations of the fans and the studio itself. The planned franchise series was discarded without further ado, and there is now even talk of a kind of reboot - that “The Rock” will then have mercy again seems questionable.

Dwayne Johnson didn't even get the best action scene on the flick. Admittedly, as a ninja on a tightrope, Lee Byung-hun simply cuts a lot better figure!


Empire State - The streets of New York

© Splendid Film

How was that with action-heavy thriller mediocrity? The flagship of Johnson's average of all of his previous films is by far "Empire State": If you can watch it easily, thanks to Michael Angarano and Liam Hemsworth it is at least worth a look or two, but after a one-off viewing it comes immediately and without Detours into oblivion.

To be honest, we even struggled to assign the strip to its storyline based on its name. Sure, that may sound worse now than it really is. But especially with a view to the many really strong films that the popular thriller genre conjures up on the cinema or streaming screen year after year, you can save yourself “Empire State” by director Dito Montiel.

San Andreas

© Warner Bros.

We can already feel it, the angry outcry of indignation! How can you push an action-packed disaster pearl like "San Andreas" off the throne without batting an eyelid? Point 1: Whether we flicked an eyelash or not does not really matter here. Fact 2: If you like disaster films, you can also love “San Andreas”! Point C: Unfortunately, the flick is not more than the display of patriotic solidarity, including hyper-casual hero characters, which a pound guy like Dwayne Johnson ROCK easily in his sleep - at least in our opinion.

But the financial success proved the film and director Brad Peyton right: With a budget of around 110 million US dollars, "San Andreas" grossed almost 470 million worldwide, half of the production costs even on the opening weekend! Admittedly, from a purely technical point of view, the disaster film is sugar for the eyes - a good reason for us not to relegate the strip to the bottom third.


© Paramount Pictures

Either you love it or you leave it. True words that hardly apply better to a film in Dwayne Johnson's long career than Baywatch. The stylish, fabulously over-the-top reboot of the cult series with Mr. David Hasselhoff is not too good for anything and takes a tactical regularity in the tone. But it is precisely the bitter ruthlessness with which director Seth Gordon (“Kill the Boss”) sends his tough lifeguards onto the beach always causes great laughs - if you can get something from the humor of such strips!

At the latest when Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron get into a competitive mood and unceremoniously balance gigantic refrigerators across the beach, any hope of dignity comes too late anyway.


That was probably nothing: The worst films with "The Rock"

Before we now deal extensively with the biggest failures in Dwayne Johnson's career, a brief disclaimer in advance: As is well known, taste can be argued, successful cinema hits do not necessarily have to please every viewer. Some people love their arthouse films, which miss any form of dynamic for two to three hours, whereas others prefer crisp, straight popcorn action. Everything is totally okay, but there are so many different genres, filmmakers and specific target groups that are now being presented with new film feed on a pretty regular basis.

So: Don't be angry if the following titles should be at the top of your list of favorite films!


© Paramount Pictures

The beginning of the end: What Dwayne Johnson and Co. thought with “Hercules”, probably only Zeus and Hades themselves know. Two films about the legendary demigod myth from Greece were released in 2014, unfortunately one attempt was worse than the other ("The Legend of Hercules" with Kellan Lutz). Ridiculously modern dialogues, a completely unsuccessful middle section without tension or dynamics and, above all, incredibly cheap looking plastic sword action in a class of its own, ensured that “Hercules” fell short of expectations.

Oh, and then there is this one scene in which John Hurt first gives our hero his best wishes with a nasty British pub snout (consider that the whole story takes place in ancient Rome), only seconds later To be crushed by a falling piece of rubble and finally to top it all off, as the companions of Dwayne "The Hercules" Johnson superhero position themselves behind him. Why the film didn't win a script Oscar is still a mystery to us ...



© Universal Pictures

Actually, Dwayne Johnson wanted to pay homage to those pearls of action cinema with "Skyscraper" that once led him to an acting career. The result of the attempt to adapt cult films like "Die Hard" with more modern means, however, went very wrong. You will not be able to marvel at less sense and logic in any other actioner - just the poster for "Skyscraper", which has long since become a meme and which suggests Dwayne's superhero action at an incredibly lofty height, leaves any sensible viewer scratching the back of the head in confusion.

But hey, if you are fox enough to block a closing fire door with your own leg prosthesis, you can also make films like "Skyscraper" ...

Southland Tales

© Universal Pictures

The short description of "Southland Tales" - mind you, penned by "Donnie Darko" mastermind Richard Kelly - should speak for itself relatively easily and need no further description: After a devastating nuclear strike, the USA is in World War III. Now it is up to action star boxer Santoro (Johnson), cop Roland Taverner (Seann William Scott) and porn star Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) to put on a reality TV project that does justice to the approaching apocalypse. Wait, how was that?

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: An action star, a cop and a porn star come into a bar ... Oh yeah, Justin Timberlake is there too!


Tooth fairy on probation / daddy with no plan

What do Disney and Co. have with their action stars, who are withdrawn from the front for ridiculously insane family film projects just in time for the rising climax of their own careers? It seems to be a dull attempt to copy a surprise hit like “Kindergarten Cop” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. First Vin Diesel had to believe in it in "The Babynator", then even twice Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: As a haphazard Tooth Fairy Daddy on probation - that sounds kind of wrong now - the US star really did himself no favor.

By the way: Ex-wrestling colleague John Cena will soon be able to immortalize himself in the same hall of fame when he tries to tame the "chaos at the fire station" for Paramount ...

Rampage - Big Meets Bigger

© Warner Bros.

"The trip to the mysterious island" was already like that Well works, "San Andreas" then even some time later even better - so why shouldn't director Brad Peyton and actor Dwayne Johnson do something together again? No sooner said than done: It wasn't until 2018 that the two colleagues and friends grabbed a long-forgotten retro game idea, quickly polished it up, including the latest technology, and finally delivered one of the most destructive actioners of recent years with “Rampage”.

Unfortunately, style is only very, very seldom also substance: If you are into unstoppable orgies of destruction and are not put off by stupid sayings and patriotic coolness, you will discover a real treasure of gold for yourself here. Generally speaking, the flick is further removed from the original video game than anyone could possibly imagine. Even a Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't let anything change it ...

Doom - The Movie

© Universal Pictures

Trash is not always immediately synonymous with poor quality. Sometimes films are deliberately staged in a trashy way in order to appeal to a very specific clientele and to serve the steadily growing fan base of such films. The perfect food for a boozy party evening with friends - "Doom", however, slipped more involuntarily into this category.

The idea behind the film still looks very promising. "Romeo Must Die" creative artist Andrzej Bartkowiak was responsible for the direction, the cast included names like Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike or even Dexter Fletcher (director of "Rocketman") in the cast and one of the most iconic shooter Ranks of all time. What should go wrong there? In retrospect, you can say with a clear conscience: Unfortunately, pretty much everything!

The Scorpion King

© Universal Pictures

Last and most definitely least: "The Scorpion King". For “The Rock” it may have been the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream when, after “The Mummy Returns”, it was immediately offered its own feature in Egyptian garb. But where his part in the mummy film didn't really ignite, the solo appearance of Scorpion King Mathayus didn't make a really serious leap forward.

On the contrary: Director Chuck Russell's fantasy actioner - mummy mastermind Stephen Sommers only contributed the unsuitable, rather screwed-up script - overflowing with flat slogans, cliché-laden sequences and ridiculous characters. Truly the lowest link in the Dwayne Johnson film chain - luckily, the US star has only stepped up from here!