Why is silk so expensive

Silk price

Silk is still one of the finest and most valuable textiles, even if the price of silk today no longer corresponds to the price of gold, as in the past. The raw material for the silk is provided by the silkworms, and their rearing alone is complex and time-consuming.

The caterpillars hatch from eggs and need about 30 days until they are washed out and ready to spin. During their growth phase, the caterpillars have to be fed with leaves of the mulberry tree every three hours, but only 60 to 80 percent reach the stage where they are about as big and thick as an index finger. The caterpillars secrete a secretion that solidifies in the air and forms an endless silk thread that makes up the cocoon.

Ten days after completion of the cocoon, the caterpillars are killed in boiling water or with steam so that they do not hatch and thereby cut the silk thread into pieces. An exception here is wild silk, which is obtained after the caterpillars hatch, whereby wild silk is somewhat coarser and more irregular, has less shine, but is less sensitive than cultivated silk. The individual threads are cleaned, spun into raw silk threads and, mostly by hand, woven into textiles.

Silk consists of protein fibers that are very similar to the structure of human skin. This means that allergy sufferers or people with sensitive and stressed skin can also use silk. Silk optimally regulates moisture, has an insulating effect, is extremely tear-resistant, elastic and hardly wrinkles.

Due to the very long fibers, silk does not scratch or rub and is characterized by its special shine, the soft flowing drape and the full handle. The price of silk depends primarily on the quality and weight of the silk.

The weight of the silk is in such a way specified Mommen measured, a momme corresponds to a weight of 4.306g per square meter and a silk fabric such as pongee 5 weighs 5 momme. The care instructions of the manufacturer are decisive for the care of the fine, soft and light silk, but mostly silk fabrics do not have to be washed as often as the smooth surface of the silk is naturally slightly dirt-repellent and hardly absorbs any odors.

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