What is your opinion on white supremacy

The big difference : There is no racism against whites

The black man George Floyd, murdered by a white police officer, had not yet been buried, so André Neumann, Lord Mayor of the Thuringian city of Altenburg, felt compelled to share his thoughts on the Internet. "The last few days on Twitter you can see very well how blacks use the racism of whites against blacks to be racist against whites."

Although he apologized shortly afterwards for the tweet and nominated himself "for the stupidest and most inappropriate tweet of 2020". But his statement is representative of a trivializing, watering down use of the term racism.

We all have to protect lives

After the “Black Lives Matter” movement received a lot of media attention, the hashtag #AllLivesMatter reappeared more and more. Behind this is the statement: We all have to protect lives. Police officers as well as activists. Whites as well as blacks.

What intuitively sounds right: that all lives are currently threatened in a comparable way. But this is not the case. Blacks in the United States are almost three times as likely to be killed by the police as whites. Black Lives Matter activists pointed out that the slogan does not mean that other lives are less important - but that it is important to end the worthlessness of black life under white supremacy. Nevertheless, many still believe that, in principle, any person can be affected by racism today.

Of course there could also be racism against whites. But for that one would have to undo centuries of slavery and colonial history. The racism we see today in the US and other white majority societies is an invention of whites.

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The inhuman theory of colors arose with the European subjugation of the world. An ideology designed solely to justify the power of whites over non-whites. Whenever whites portray themselves as victims of racism, they are revising history.

The fairy tale of "reverse racism" is not only represented by Nazis and right-wing populists. For example, during the corona crisis, the German embassy called on all German citizens in Cameroon to stop moving in public - with reference to "racist resentment within the population that is affecting the security of our compatriots".

Serious German media also speak of “reverse racism” with regard to South Africa, which now openly discriminates against the white minority population.

There are prejudices against whites, of course

Sure, there is also prejudice against whites. Hostility and assault. But racism is more than insulting as “German potatoes” or “white bread”. Whites can certainly experience being disadvantaged as a minority.

But it is not about isolated actions, but about taking into account the power structures behind them. And in Cameroon or South Africa, for example, that means taking the colonial past and the apartheid state into account. In the USA and Germany, people of color do not have the power to dominate the interests of the white, hegemonic majority society.

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White people can also be born there in extremely poor living conditions. Of course, they can suffer from bullying and be affected by structural discrimination such as anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia or social exclusion.

But not from racism. White people should have this humility now. Having privileges does not mean that one's own personal pain has no legitimacy. And it doesn't mean that your own life can't be hard. But it also means that this life is not even harder because of your own skin color.

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