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You are looking for thatperfect styling product for your head of hair?

Then I can help you and show you what the ideal hair styling product is to do the hairstyle the right look to give.

What are the differences between the styling products?

There are now so many different hair styling products that it is easy to lose track of things.

As trained hairdresser and hair artist I would like to explain to you the differences between the various hairstyling products and recommend some good hairstyling products for different haircuts and hair lengths.

Because in my job I already have Tried and tested a lot of hair products.

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The classic hair styling product is the mousse

As the name suggests, the mousse is a foam that melts on the hair. It strengthens the hair and gives it the desired hold.

It can be easily distributed and portioned.

Mousse wraps around the individual hair like a film, protecting it from heat and giving the hairstyle more hold and volume.

A mousse can optimally act as heat protection use by kneading it into towel-dried hair with curling irons, flat irons or electrically heated curlers before styling.

You can choose the setting strength of the mousse from 1 to 5. Level 5 strengthens your hair the most.

Does mousse stick the hair together?

No, once it has dried, no residues of the styling product can be seen in the hairstyle. It doesn't matter whether you have long or short hair.

A Mousse is for every hair length and hair structure suitable.

In the table below you will find the best mousse I can recommend. For a further view of the products, please swipe or to the left in the table.

Best mousse as styling products for your hair

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Style with hair gel for a strong hold

Hair gel sets accents and should be consciously visible in dry hair. This will give your hair a wanted wet effect.

Which styling product is best for short hair?

Gel is most ideal for short and medium-length hair or the always-on-trend pixie. Different degrees of strength ensure that the styling is held in different strengths.

Hair gel is on though Alcohol base made what the hair dries out over time. Therefore, use hair gel sparingly and never as a hair care product.

With hair gel you can give your freshly twisted locks a wild natural look.

Spread a small amount of the product on the palms of your hands and knead into the curls.

Or you can create a super stylish wetlook hairstyle by completely moistening your damp hair with hair gel and combing it tightly to your head. You can also only emphasize individual strands of hair.

To buy the best hair gel, use my recommendations in the table as a guide.

The best hair gel as a styling product with a strong hold

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Hair wax for taming and styling the hair

Hair wax gives the hair structure and smoothes unruly hairs.

With our grandparents it was still called “pomade” and was mainly used by men with an accurate side parting for hair styling.

Your mane remains malleable in contrast to gel, does not become stiff and does not stick.

Hair wax is very greasy, but it doesn't dry out the hair. Depending on the ingredients, it even has a very nourishing effect.

Spread a small amount of hair wax between your fingers and work it into the hair very intensively, because otherwise white residues will remain visible.

To create protruding hair, it is sufficient to rub some hair wax into the palms of the hands and gently rub it over the hair.

You can get the product use on dry or damp hair.

Wax cannot be combed out, it can only be washed out.

Better not to use it if you have very long or fine hair, as it weighs down unnecessarily.

Fine hair can also quickly leave a greasy impression with hair wax and lose volume.

Too much hair wax can ruin the hairstyle and then the only thing left to do is wash.

You can find good hair wax in this table.

The best hair wax as a styling product for taming the hair

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Matte paste for the wild look

With matte pastes you can hair like with a Style a combination of wax and gel. Men in particular like to use these products for hair styling.

The hair looks dull, the hair does not become stiff, but remains malleable and does not stick.

This product is often used for short hairstyles to give the hair the perfect matt but long-lasting "surfer look".

If the paste is only applied to the base of the hair with the fingertips, a beautiful volume of hair is created.

The matte paste is used like gel or wax.

For very lazy men the product is also available for spraying on.

Further recommendations for good hair wax can be found in this table.

The best matte paste as a styling product for a wild look

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

Hairspray for the perfect Finnish

Hairspray there the perfect finish for the finished stylingas it is the hairstyle permanently durable do and you gives more volume. It is ideal for hairstyles with waves, beach waves or voluminous curls.

The hair styling is also protected from external influences such as wind, UV rays, rain, etc.

The Spray mist from the can lies down like an invisible web on the hair and leaves no noticeable residue with a good hairspray.

However, with very cheap hairsprays, bad alcohol can leave a white residue on the hair that is very difficult to remove. Good spray can be easily removed by brushing.

You should be spraying too always pay attention to the necessary distance to your hair. This means that you can also largely prevent the white residues.

With very dry hair, hairspray can dry out the hair even more due to the alcohol content.

Hairspray is also available in different degrees of strength.

Here are my recommendations in a table with very good hairsprays.

The best hairspray as a styling product for a perfect finish