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Bautec brings together players from industry, associations and politics - serial and modular building in focus at bautec 2020 - specialist congress "serial construction in digitization" in the forum up # Berlin - bautec congress "urban living - positions and perspectives"

The housing industry has been observing an increasing demand for apartments in so-called swarm cities or swarm regions for almost ten years. In these regions, which also include major German cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, demand far exceeds supply. The consequence: the shortage of living space means that rental prices continue to rise. Combined with the currently high costs for new residential construction and land, this creates a difficult situation for inexpensive new residential construction.

In Germany around 400,000 apartments are needed annually to meet the demand. The question remains how this is to be achieved. The fact is: it is not being built fast enough. Is serial and modular building the answer? Can serial and modular construction methods quickly and efficiently create more affordable living space? And if so: What framework conditions are necessary for successful implementation? What are the limits?

To get in the mood for the trade fair, which will take place from February 18 to 21, 2020 at the Berlin exhibition center, on October 23, 2019, bautec invited the most important players from industry, associations and politics to the topic of “Affordable housing with serial and modular Building ”.

Anne Katrin Bohle, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs:

“It is important to the federal government to promote serial and modular construction. With their potential, these construction methods can make a significant contribution to the current living space challenges. In doing so, we place high architectural, urban planning and technical quality requirements on today's system concepts of serial and modular construction. Our common goal is the increased use of these technologies of modern construction. "


Dieter Babiel, General Manager of the Main Association of
German construction industry e.V .:

“Basically, it can be said that construction projects can only succeed together, not against each other. We have to come back to building in partnership. Away from the low-price award, towards a competence and quality competition, an early integration of construction know-how in the project preparation. And last but not least, a new culture in construction that allows us not to settle conflicts in court, but on site or, if necessary, in the context of out-of-court dispute resolution. "


Axel Gedaschko, President of the Central Association of the Housing Industry GdW:

“With our framework agreement for serial construction, we deliver tailor-made solutions so that residential construction can be implemented faster, more cost-effectively and in high quality. Our nine selected concepts for serial and modular residential construction are therefore an important building block for more affordable and contemporary living space - haute couture off the assembly line, so to speak. We appeal to the federal states to create the right framework conditions for a faster nationwide implementation of innovative housing construction concepts: The introduction of a type approval already decided by the building ministers' conference must now also be included in the state building regulations. "


Barbara Ettinger-Brinckmann, President of the Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK):

“Many built examples show that serial housing construction can be realized in high quality architecture. Building will be accepted if it is possible to establish a link to the location in terms of urban development and design. And this urban planning, this public context is decisive for how well neighborhoods are accepted and a lively and diverse everyday life can develop. Building is never just private. In residential construction, particular design attention must be paid to the space between the buildings, because it is public and dedicated to development and residence. This space must not be a residual space, it has to be considered in terms of design when developing serial or modular solutions. "


The future of building at bautec 2020

Serial and modular construction is also a hot topic at bautec 2020, which will take place in Berlin from February 18 to 21. At the bautec in Berlin, the building trade meets with building and environmental policy. In February, visitors can again look forward to the entire portfolio of the industry with a broad and sophisticated supporting program.

The specialist congress "Serial construction in digitization " in the Forum up # Berlin In Hall 4.2 there will be an important part of the program, among other things. This takes place on February 19th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is organized by the Main Association of the German Construction Industry (HDB), the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (BMI) and the GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies. The GdW to the symposium "Social acceptance for new residential construction“And for the solemn Client award ceremony a.


The Bautec Congress illuminated on February 20 under the title "Urban living - positions and perspectives“New construction tasks as well as living concepts and trends - from individual solutions to innovative multi-storey apartment and district construction to renovation and construction in existing buildings. Of course, with all ideas there is also the question of how quickly new living space can be created.



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About bautec:

The international trade fair for construction and building technology is organized by Messe Berlin and takes place every two years. Bautec's unique selling point is that it takes a holistic view of the building from the basement to the roof and its infrastructure. The offer at bautec is complemented by GRÜNBAU BERLIN and up # Berlin.