How do you just say in Greek

German-Greek dictionary

A Greek dictionary that paves the way to a new language and culture

Greek is a very challenging language for which a conventional dictionary is not enough. Only a high-quality dictionary meets these requirements and helps to find the right translation. While learning Greek, one is taken on a journey through ancient times, the origin of many modern languages. Learning Greek enables you to look at the etymologies of many languages. The first step in learning Greek is to learn the Greek alphabet. It will go faster than you think because the Greek alphabet is a normal alphabet, which is comparable to the Romance alphabet. Once you are familiar with the Greek alphabet, you can scroll through the dictionary and understand most of the words. You will be amazed how many words you already know. Many words that exist in modern languages ​​come from Greek.

The Langenscheidt German-Greek dictionary is useful in many ways

The dictionary offers over 275,000 keywords, phrases and translations. These go beyond the standard Greek and German vocabulary and the usual subject areas. Because idiomatic expressions and colloquial language bring a language to life, they too have been added to this dictionary. Notes on subject areas and stylistic levels make it easy to find the right translation. In addition, Austrian and Swiss expressions are adequately represented.

An easy-to-use Greek dictionary

Thanks to its attractive design, the Langenscheidt Greek dictionary can be used anywhere. If you have a cell phone at hand and want to look up a word, all you need to do is call up the Langenscheidt dictionary. While you are watching a Greek film in which you do not understand a word, you can also simply look it up in the Langenscheidt dictionary. But of course the Greek dictionary also works on a normal computer - whether it is a desktop or a laptop. This useful service is free of charge.

What is Langenscheidt?

As the number one dictionary publisher and market leader in the field of language acquisition, Langenscheidt offers a wide range of high-quality language products and guarantees the cross-media and mobile use of dictionaries for over 35 languages ​​- each individually tailored to the needs of the user. In the areas of “language acquisition” and “dictionary”, the focus is on innovative products that are available online and offline.

The creepy side of Greek

When one hears "Greek" one thinks first of the Greek mythology with its numerous myths and legends. The names of Greek gods and goddesses are still widely used today, as are names of heroes and geographical elements of myths. Everyone knows the names Poseidon, Hermes and Athene. Names like Gabriel or Agathe also come from the Greek.

How to search the German-Greek dictionary for letters

If you use the letters listed below to manually click through the German-Greek dictionary, you will be shown the complete list of German words. In order to display all relevant translations and technical terms in Greek and the associated synonyms, all you have to do is click on a German word.