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Upholstery and upholstery fabrics to make you feel good

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Is the sofa a few years old, does the style of the corner bench not match the new interior design or do you just want to sew new covers to give old cushions a new design? We present many inexpensive upholstery fabrics to you in the fabrics-Zanderino online shop. These fabrics are available in a wide variety of materials, solid colors ...

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Is the sofa a few years old, does the style of the corner bench not match the new interior design or do you just want to sew new covers to give old cushions a new design? In the ... read more »
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Upholstery and upholstery fabrics to make you feel good

Is the sofa a few years old, does the style of the corner bench not match the new interior design or do you just want to sew new covers to give old cushions a new design? In the fabrics-Zanderino online shop we present you a lot of cheap ones Upholstery fabrics. These fabrics are available in a wide variety of materials, plain colors and patterns and give older pieces of furniture a new shine and freshness. Chenille, synthetic leather, silk, jacquard and tapestry - the selection of our upholstery fabrics is large and every sewing enthusiast will find a suitable fabric for the next sewing project. In contrast to other fabrics, the upholstery material offers special properties to withstand constant stress and friction.

Which upholstery fabric goes with which piece of furniture

On the one hand, personal taste plays a key role in choosing the right fabric. Nevertheless, it is also important to adapt the upholstery fabric to the existing design of the furniture. Antique, rustic Furniture get a noble character through lush, colorful jacquard patterns. Fashionable, simple upholstery fabrics for chairs, armchairs or sofas come into their own with modern pieces of furniture. The large selection in the fabrics-Zanderino online shop enables many and, above all, inexpensive upholstery fabrics that will almost certainly meet every taste. Also under the category fabrics cheap it is possible to make one or the other bargain with upholstery fabric. So high quality can also be purchased at a great price.

Selection criteria for the right upholstery fabric

In addition to the look and the individual taste, there are a number of other criteria that must be observed in order to test upholstery fabrics primarily for their functional properties. An important criterion here is, for example, the stress and use of individual Pieces of furniture. A chair, for example, is subject to high stress from sitting and accordingly particularly robust and resistant upholstery materials must be selected here so that, in addition to optimal comfort, you can enjoy the material for a long time. The abrasion resistance indicates the resistance of a fabric to abrasion and is determined using the Martindale test method. Upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas or armchairs should have an abrasion resistance of at least 15,000 abrasion cycles if the piece of furniture is used regularly for private purposes. Another criterion is the formation of pills or the tendency to pill. This is understood to mean the formation of small fiber knots on the upper side of the fabric. This can quickly look unattractive and should therefore be avoided for upholstery fabrics. The upholstery fabric is tested and evaluated in a special test procedure. The evaluation is carried out on a scale of 1-5, with 1 showing very strong pilling and 5 no pilling.

Basically, every fabric fades under direct or indirect exposure to light after a long period of time, so this is no different with upholstery fabric. Therefore, light resistance is another important criterion for upholstery fabrics that should be considered before buying. Light resistance describes the resistance of colors to the bleaching effect of a light source, for example when a sofa is placed directly on the patio door and exposed to constant sun. The light resistance is therefore a measure of the color fastness of the upholstery fabrics, which is determined and evaluated using special test methods. This is done with the help of a point scale from 1-8, whereby 1 has a very low lightfastness and 8 an excellent lightfastness. Please note, however, that even upholstery fabrics with top marks are not one hundred percent lightfast and that the color can still change slightly after a while. The upholstery fabrics of the furniture should therefore be protected from prolonged exposure to the sun in order to ensure long-term enjoyment.

Rubbing fastness means that the upholstery material rubs off on other textiles such as items of clothing. It is tested dry and wet. The assessment is carried out in a 5-stage system, where 1 stands for very low rubbing fastness and 5 for very good rubbing fastness. Particularly with strong colors of the upholstery fabrics, one should not skimp on quality. Because nothing would be more annoying than for example trousers to be discolored by covers while sitting.

The most popular upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics are offered in a wide variety of variants. Are particularly popular here Chenille fabrics. These have a velvety surface, but are insensitive to heavy use and are therefore ideal for upholstery fabrics. If you are looking for an easy-care and at the same time robust fabric to sew covers, then a variant made of artificial leather is the right choice. An upholstered jacquard, or tapestry, is a hard-wearing fabric with large patterns that is produced on special weaving machines and is often used for antique, restored furniture.

Inexpensive upholstery fabrics from fabrics Zanderino

Next Chenille fabrics, leatherette, Upholstered jacquard or upholstery fabrics in plain and patterned, you can also buy exclusive upholstery fabrics made of pure silk online from Stoff-Zanderino. These are particularly noble and of high quality. Overall, the Zanderino range offers many high-quality upholstery fabrics for chairs, armchairs, sofas and cushions. Therefore it is possible to select the fabrics individually to suit your own taste and the piece of upholstery. Buying the upholstery does not have to be expensive. We also offer many offers and remaining stocks online, which is a great way to save money. Of course, there is no need to compromise on quality. Decide on your personal favorites and upgrade your old furniture with a new upholstery fabric in no time at all.

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8,98 € * 17,98 € *
Decorative fabric, flower pattern, extra wide, 290cm, for versatile applications Color: ...
Decoration fabric, flowers. cream-colored, 130cm Art-No: SOPO-4021
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