What is transgender facial feminization surgery

So it is to have facial feminization done

Carlisha Gizelle Brown is 37 years old, lives in Los Angeles and works at MAC Cosmetics. Last year she had a ten-hour facial feminization surgery. For this, her forehead, nose and chin were surgically corrected. Refinery29 was allowed to accompany Carlisha Gizelle. The article has been editorially adapted and shortened for reasons of clarity.
The moment I knew I was trans was incredibly exciting. It felt like winning the lottery. Kind of enlightenment. A release. I finally knew who I really am. As soon as you know that you are a trans woman, this indescribable feeling sets in. Like a journey where you try to understand everything and get on with your life. Every day you wake up and you just don't feel good about your body.
About three years ago I started thinking about surgical facial feminization. I wanted to feel good in my skin again. I probably asked myself questions that everyone asks themselves before an operation. I didn't doubt for a minute that I had made the right decision. What made me nervous, however, was the fine print and the fear of belonging to the one percent of people who would not wake up from anesthesia. I believe that my nervousness and fear really came from wondering what the worst that could happen to me while under the knife.
The healing process after the operation was painful, tedious and anything but pleasant. My body was in a kind of shock, so it took forever for the bruises and swellings to go away. And with pain therapy, too, not everything went as I had hoped. Something that is not mentioned in the video is that I had a vasectomy done at the same time. Of course, that didn't make the whole situation any easier.
But: I don't regret it. The surgery helped me become the goddess I am now and always have been. When I looked in the mirror and saw myself for the first time without those hard, angular features, I could hardly believe it. I was finally able to look into the eyes of the person who was always inside of me. Now I can't look in the mirror often enough.
What Dr. Michael Obeng has done for me is so much more than just plastic surgery. Thanks to him, I was able to start a new chapter in my life. After about six months, when I no longer had to apply makeup in layers, there was an incredible sense of normalcy. It took me about eight months to get used to it properly. Now, a year after the operation, I only see how flat my forehead really is and how feminine I look around the eyes. My nose is in perfect balance with my new features. Dr. Michael Obeng is a real artist.
My advice to anyone considering having an operation: Before you start working on your outside, take care of yourself. You shouldn't go under the knife because of external influences or out of vanity, because there is no such thing as "the one right look", neither for men nor for women nor for non-binary people. The surgery should be a self-determined step on your way to a new phase of life.
Another thing you shouldn't underestimate is how much support you will need to get through the process. So before the procedure, make sure that you have people around you who are there for you.
Dr. For me, Obeng is now part of the family. We are currently talking about corrective operations. I am incredibly grateful that my transition and my personal happiness are so close to his heart. He helped me get rid of the testosterone and now we're working to have that beautiful vagina between my legs that should have been there forever.