Where do you go on vacation

Translation of "Are you going on vacation" in spanish

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Still, dude, you're going on vacation and don't take me with you
Are you going in the vacation sometimes abroad?
You asked me that too when I wanted you to you with us going on vacation.
If you with uncle Val going on vacation, I could stay home with you guys, wear my pink washing-up gloves and be a 50s housewife.
Como si do y tío Val fuerais de vacaciones, podría estar en tu casa y ... ponerte mis guantes de lavar rosas y ser como un ama de casa de los 50.
What does your husband say about that you in the Going on vacation?
- But first are you going refuel.
- O el delantero, o cualquier otro lado, vato.
A couple drives for two months on vacation.
El marido y la mujer van dos meses de vacaciones y contratan a un mayordomo.
Are you going really to New York?
Are you going a truck or a bear?
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