Can a man wear eyeshadow?

Make-up school: apply eyeshadow correctly

Can you even have enough eyeshadow? Most men would of course answer "yes" to this question right away. For women who are mad about make-up, however, the beauty bag cannot be full enough. The eye as the gateway to the soul can - with the right eye make-up - give the whole outfit a kick or simply make us look radiantly beautiful, delicate and alert. has the right make-up tips for beautiful eyes!

Applying eyeshadow: It all depends on the base

Before you go to the big eyeshadow work, you should give your eyes a nice frame. That means: pluck and shape yours eyebrows (you can find out how to do this here) and cover Shadows under the eyes carefully with a matching Concealer from.

Use an eyeshadow base to apply color so that eyeshadows can unfold and hold in color. This slightly evens out the skin color and acts as a primer for powdery eyeshadow textures. As an alternative, you can also apply a little thicker eye cream or use concealer and then powder the eye. By the way, forget the widespread tip about the light color applied to a large area first. If you use a good base, you don't need it! Eyeshadow base is available from Artdeco, for example (for 7 euros).

Eye make-up: the consistency of the eye shadow

When it comes to eyeshadow, whatever you like is allowed, but before applying it, you should ask yourself whether a shimmering gold mica goes with a day outfit, or whether it shouldn't be just a slight shimmer. The latter is easy to put on and delicate textures don't settle in the creases of the eyelids so quickly. Creamy or buttery eyeshadow textures are good for dry skin because they are easier to blend. Although matt tones look very elegant, they are also more difficult to apply due to their often dusty consistency. Eye shadow pencils or cream eye shadows are not very suitable for artistic make-up, as the colors do not mix evenly. But when used over a large area, they work great as a solo artist or as a colored substitute for an eyeshadow base.

When shopping, test different eyeshadows and rub the color lightly between your fingers, then you will get a good feel for the consistency. For example, there are beautiful matt tones from Bobbi Brown (around 25 euros), lots of mica and buttery textures from Shiseido (around 27 euros), fine mica from Helena Rubinstein (duo around 37 euros) and Dr. Hauschka (around 21 euros).

Which eyeshadow color goes with my eyes?

Brown eyes

Are you one of the 90 percent of people who brown eyes to have? Then you should go for eyeshadow colors in lavender and plum tones. Muted brown tones and light apricot also make dark eyes shine. The make-up can be spiced up with silver gray, gold or a dash of turquoise.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are also allowed to wear blue - from dark eye shadow tones with a green cast, to rose to violet, everything is allowed. For Smokey eyes gray and brown tones are suitable so that the contrast does not become too harsh. For a big appearance, it can be a little more, such as a bright orange - the complementary color to blue.

Green eyes

Good news for all green-eyed graces: they can wear almost anything! Here it helps to orientate yourself on your own hair color. Dark hair allows dark eyeshadows. Lighter and warmer shades can boast eye shadow colors in gold, olive and rust tones. Here, lavender or even mustard is a real eye-catcher. Did you red hair and green eyes? Then you should go for purple, beige and brown tones. Nars (around 30 euros) and Face Stockholm (around 15 euros) offer unusual colors in professional quality.

The right beauty equipment

Eye make-up depends on the tool. Invest in at least two high-quality eyeshadow brushes to apply eyeshadow! You need one to blend the colors and a smaller one to apply soft contours. A quick one Make up You can do magic with your fingers, but then you should have cotton swabs ready for the correction.

Many beauty branches offer a test make-up on site. So you can not only get detailed advice, but also check immediately whether the applied eyeshadow color really suits your type.

Text: Andreea Tribel / Mareike Freier

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