Can you wear bracelets to school?

Jewelry while exercising? - You can also wear our jewelry during sports

Already at school you were taught that you shouldn't wear jewelry during physical education classes. Even today, many athletes refrain from wearing jewelry during recreational sports or sports competitions. Sweatbands, on the other hand, are still popular. But there are many other reasons why jewelry is dispensed with in sports, although this is actually no longer necessary today!

Why should you refrain from wearing jewelry while exercising?

The school was always alerted to the risk of injury. After all, you could get stuck somewhere with a chain or a bracelet. Rings could also cause injury when catching a ball. Some professional athletes do not wear jewelry due to the often heavy weight of jewelry. After all, even a little more weight, for example during a sprint, can be a disadvantage. Others wear chains or bracelets for good luck. Whether it is possible to wear jewelry or not depends on the sport for many. However, there are special sports jewelry that can be worn in any sport.

What is the difference between sports jewelry and conventional jewelry?

Many pieces of jewelry are made from heavy materials such as gold, silver, metal or stone. Sports jewelry, on the other hand, consists of high-quality rubber. Rubber is an interesting material for making jewelry in many ways.

In this video you can see why our jewelry is ideal for sports:

It can be liquefied and can therefore be brought into any imaginable form. Sports jewelry is also usually close to the body, which significantly reduces the risk of getting stuck somewhere or on someone. Rubber is a soft, soft material, which means that sports jewelry cannot cause damage in a collision. The risk of injury when wearing sports jewelry is therefore much lower than when wearing conventional jewelry.

Due to the low weight, the pieces of jewelry are also not a burden. Rubber is a flexible material. Sports jewelry is flexible with every movement and does not have a disturbing effect. The perfect eye catcher!

Another advantage of sports jewelry is that it is sturdy and easy to clean. A little water and, in the case of stubborn dirt, a little washing-up liquid are sufficient to restore your favorite jewelery to its shine. Jewelry made of rubber is particularly durable! The longevity can be increased if the athlete's jewelry is regularly cared for with a drop of oil.

Why do people wear sports jewelry?

Well, nowadays a lot of people are fashion-conscious and want to be well-styled during training or a competition. This can already be seen in today's sportswear, which is geared towards fashion-conscious wearers. A complete outfit also includes accessories such as jewelry. Sports jewelry completes every outfit. Often the pieces of jewelry are so appealing and elegant that they are not only seen as sports accessories, but are also worn on other occasions. In addition, more and more fitness enthusiasts are wearing athletic jewelry as a lucky charm to competitions.

The advantages of sports jewelry at a glance

Sports jewelry has certain advantages over conventional jewelry, such as

  • tight
  • made of rubber
  • soft material
  • low risk of injury
  • recyclable
  • environmentally friendly
  • low dead weight
  • flexible with every movement
  • easy to clean
  • ideal as a lucky charm

Sports jewelry can be so beautiful

Sports jewelry is available in various forms! The Bubbles bracelet fits snugly and looks irresistibly good! The skull bracelet shows the opponents directly that you show fighting spirit. This trendy bracelet can of course also be worn in everyday life as a stylish accessory. The Africa bracelet looks simple and yet extravagant, and is a wonderful eye-catcher not only for sport, but also in everyday life or on festive occasions.

More beautiful pieces of jewelry for athletes

There are of course many other beautiful pieces of jewelry for athletes. The athlete's jewelry is of course also suitable as a gift for athletes who have just won a competition or who need a lucky charm. Particularly appealing sports accessories are, for example: