How do auto mechanics fool people

A call by the SZ tramp last Friday caused numerous reactions. Around two dozen readers called the editorial office or wrote emails to explain the mystery described in the section.

We were looking for a point where gravity is out of power and everything rolls up, not down. In any case, this is how the place at Bautzen was described in the book "Mystica", which presented riddles from human history - and described a place at Mehltheuer.

SZ reader Hans-Joachim Vogel from Bautzen can still remember this “mystery” well. "When the story came up back then, real crowds of people had formed on the road between Jeßnitz and Soculahora for a while," says the 71-year-old. The starting point was probably a car driver who had stopped in a depression between the two places in order to go out in a grove. When he turned around, he couldn't believe his eyes: because his car was no longer there - and clearly rolled a good distance up a hill.

The story got around quickly. Back then, more and more people wanted to know what it was all about. “People suspected an optical illusion or an earth's magnetic field,” recalls the mechanic at the RFT plant at the time. Some had balls or footballs roll up the mountain as a test, others brought plastic toy cars with them - to rule out a possible magnetic effect.

In the documents of the Bautzener there is a contribution from the SZ of May 22, 1984, which deals with the mystery factually - and exposes it as an optical illusion. "The leveling device shows it exactly: It's going downhill instead of uphill," wrote the SZ almost 30 years ago. A specialist had leveled the road exactly - as it was later on on television. That was even done by two surveyors who were working at the RFT at the time. The result: the cars actually roll to the lowest point - which just looks as if it is almost on the crest of a road. An inquiry to the district's road and civil engineering department also revealed that it was just an optical illusion. "The construction of the road has nothing to do with it."

Afraid of crowds

Now the residents of the neighboring villages hope that another mass migration towards Mehltheuer will not start and everyone will let their car roll there. Finally, the narrow road is driven quickly - uphill and downhill.