What is the most inefficient means of transport

You shouldn't throw money on the street

From Hanspeter Guggenb├╝hl

If we reject the surcharge for the motorway vignette on November 24th, we will save the car owners additional costs of sixty francs a year. We are accepting to represent the same position as the Touring Club of Switzerland (TCS) or the Swiss People's Party (SVP). But we have the better arguments. While rights and road traffic associations primarily protect their automobile customers, green-left no-voters are concerned with the principle. Respectively by two commandments.

The first is the polluter pays principle. According to this, the users of the streets should pay their costs according to the originator. The vignette contradicts this principle: Those who only drive the national road once a year pay the same as commuters who use the motorway every day, wear it down and clog it up. Far better than a fixed fee are distance-based charges to finance transport costs.

The second commandment is: You shouldn't throw money on the street. But this is exactly what the Federal Council and the parliamentary majority intend to do. They want to convert 383 kilometers of cantonal roads into national roads and finance their expansion and maintenance in the future with the additional income from the vignette sale, because the cantons do not have the necessary money. The rejection of the higher vignette price thus slows down further road construction. And that's good. Because more roads bring more car traffic, and more car traffic requires more roads. This means that preference is given to the most inefficient means of transport: an oversized motor sets 1500 kilos of packaging in motion in order to move an average of 1.4 people or one hundred kilos of freight from A to B.

A green-left no to the vignette surcharge thus not only protects the automotive consumer, but also throws some sand into the drive of the unproductive spiral of traffic.

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