Why is marriage important in life

Why marry

Why get married? ”Many couples who are in a longer relationship ask themselves these days. Because divorce rates are constant at almost 50 percent, wedding celebrations are expensive and romance is playing an ever smaller role in our society. But we don't let go of our belief in love, security and harmony and summarize why getting married is still the trend.

1. Why get married: love, security and harmony

It is a symbolic gesture of love and mutual devotion. The wedding gives friends and family a reason to celebrate our relationship and life together for an entire day.

2. To start a family and for a stable environment for the children

A marriage promises - at least in theory - the most stable environment in which to have and raise children. For many, marriage is still the prerequisite and prior legitimation in order to start a family.

3. A partner by your side for life

When it comes to the question “Why get married?”, The answer often comes up: Growing old with a partner for life. Saying “yes” without hesitation is often seen as the crowning and greatest token of love. The common name, the creed before God and / or the registrar welds two people together. Couples who venture into marriage after living together for many years without a marriage certificate also report a changed feeling of togetherness.

4. Protection of the spouse and children

As a wife or husband, in the event of the death of your partner, you automatically have more rights than e.g. a life partner (e.g. widow's or widower's pension). Inheritance within a partnership is currently only possible if a will is available. If something should happen to one of the parents, the spouse also has custody of the children together.

5. An unforgettable wedding celebration with family and friends

A beautiful wedding celebration with the whole family, being the center of attention for a day as a bridal couple, planning a lavish wedding party, looking forward to wonderful gifts - a wedding is a great thing!

6. The wedding party: Be a princess for one day

There are women who plan their wedding day from childhood: the dream of a prince, a carriage and of course the most beautiful wedding dress in the world. So why not get married for this reason and feel like a princess for a day?

7. Marriage as a sign of belonging

The official commitment to the spouse is also a reason for many to get married. The bride and groom want to say yes in front of their family and friends in order to send a message to the outside world: We belong together.

8. Marriage helps through difficult times

Two people who have been married long and happily are usually not only connected by love, but also by a long friendship. And so, married couples can often survive times of crisis without major injuries. Because: if you are married, you don't just split up. Divorce is costly and nerve wracking. Joint children or property also bind a married couple together. Often times, two people tend to pull themselves together when faced with problems rather than parting. And often they emerge strengthened from the phase in which they prevented the divorce.

9. Marriage is good for health

Another reason for going to the registry office: Being married is good for the soul and body. According to a study from New Zealand, married people are less likely to become mentally ill, depressed or addicted to drugs or alcohol - this applies to both sexes.

10. Legal motives for marriage

People may refuse to testify in court or to the police if close relatives are incriminated as a result. The right to remain silent does not only apply to the spouse, but also to the fiancé.

Our tietheknot tip: In terms of taxation, marriage in Austria has few advantages, unlike in Germany. In contrast to Germany, there is no household taxation in Austria and therefore you cannot save taxes here even with a marriage.

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