Why are Nike and Adidas expensive

Study: Adidas or Nike - which brand is the coolest?

Every age has its own perception of which brand dominates the sports shoe market, according to a study by the Cologne market research institute concept m. 1152 women and men were asked online about the topic.

The participants were asked to provide information about which brand they think is the leader in the area of ​​running shoes / jogging shoes. Men were more likely to see the Adidas brand ahead of them, followed by Nike (46 percent versus 35 percent). For women, the assessment was exactly the opposite - first Nike, then Adidas (also 46 percent to 35 percent, each with a significant difference).

With regard to the age groups, this difference could also be made out: In the group of 18 to 30 year olds, Nike is clearly seen in first place (55 percent). The majority of consumers over 30 years of age expressed the opinion that Adidas is the market leader in this segment. Other brands such as Puma, Asics, Brooks and Under Armor only played a subordinate role in the survey.

“The results of the study show that there are still opportunities for optimization in the marketing of the two big brands. When it comes to brands, consumers differentiate between lifestyle orientation and an authentic sporting soul, ”says Rochus Winkler, managing partner of concept m. The data was collected in collaboration with the mafo.de portal.

Photo: Adidas.com