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Internationale Dampfer-Welt (en) - Edition 39/2019

+++ BfR: E-vaping is safer than smoking +++ PHE: concerned about the hysteria in the USA +++ Study: WHO FCTC is ineffective

In the current issue of Focus-Online from October 18, Elke Pieper from the BfR gave the all-clear with regard to possible dangers from e-vapors. In an interview, the research assistant at the BfR explains: “According to the current state of knowledge, anyone who consumes e-cigarettes is not at risk”. And further: "As far as we know today, e-cigarettes are less hazardous to health than conventional tobacco cigarettes when used as intended." Therefore, despite the alarming reports from the USA, vapers should "under no circumstances return to conventional cigarettes", explains the expert. "That way they hurt each other much more."

Public Health England is concerned about the respiratory disease hysteria in the US due to illegal, adulterated THC liquids from the black market. The misleading reports that e-steams are to blame could make people who use e-steams to quit smoking unsettled. This means that there is a risk that these people will relapse again and resort to the far more harmful tobacco cigarette.

The effectiveness of the Framework Agreement on Tobacco Control, WHO FCTC, was examined in a study by York University. It turned out that there have been no significant changes in global tobacco consumption since the introduction of the FCTC. From the authors' point of view, the efforts made so far are not enough and more bans and restrictions are needed.
Actually, the result should be different: either the WHO FCTC is finally implementing the principle of damage minimization as written in its statutes and this includes e-steams, snus and tobacco heaters, or the FCTC is abolished. Because in this way only vast amounts of money are wasted, people's personal freedom is impaired with ideological and moral index fingers and the safe alternative of e-cigarettes is also fought.

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  • [UK] Frank Davis:If nobody complains
    Why are some social underdog groups prominent but not the smokers?
  • [US] Foster Winans: The Great Cannabis Crash of 2019: A Status Report
  • [US] Kevin Cowley:VAPING IN THE NEWS - OCTOBER 19TH, 2019
    US Steamship News.
  • [US] Michael Siegel:New CDC Report Out Today Makes it Even Less Likely that Store-Bought Nicotine E-Cigarettes are Playing Any Role in the Outbreak
    A new report from the CDC makes it clear that it is increasingly unlikely that legal e-vaping products are to blame for respiratory illnesses in the US, but illegal THC liquids are to blame.
  • [US] Michael Siegel: Analysis Reveals that 44% of State Health Departments are Not Explicitly Warning Youth Not to Vape THC and Three States are Committing Public Health Malpractice
    Analysis shows that 44% of US health authorities do not warn against the consumption of illegal, adulterated THC liquids.
    There is no such thing as an e-vapor disease.
  • [US] Political Cowboy:NY Vaping Ban Blocked By A Judge, So They’re Adding A 20% Tax On Products Instead
    The dealer association VTA has managed to put the ban on the sale of e-steam products out of force for the time being. The mayor reacts promptly to the judgment with a 20% “sin tax”, which is to apply from December 1st, 2019 for e-steam products in New York.
  • [UK] Vapers:Latest News
    British steamer news.
  • [US] Wayne:This is the Real Reason Your State Wants to Ban Vaping
    The real reasons some US states want to ban e-vaping.



  • [SG] Business Insider:Banning legitimate vaping is ‘absolute madness’
    Banning e-vapor products across the board due to the incidents in the US is the wrong approach.
  • [US] ChurnMag:Illegal Vape Cartridges Responsible For Illnesses
    Illegal THC pods are to blame for the respiratory diseases in the United States.
  • [US] Insider:The creator of the nicotine patch says that anti-vaping forces ’are trying to kill the life-saving e-cig industry
    The inventor of the nicotine patch, Jed Rose, says anti-e-cigarette health care forces are working hard to fight the life-saving e-cigarette industry.
  • [US] Inside Sources:Politicians Are Shamelessly Lying to You About Vaping
    Politicians shamelessly lie about e-vaping, in which they coldly claim that the respiratory diseases are due to the consumption of normal e-vaping products.
  • [US] NJ Spotlight:Opinion: The Vaping Industry’s Strategic Misinformation Campaign
    Dr. Shereff Elnahal. The e-vapor products industry would take advantage of the positive experience of a few ex-smokers to sell their products.
    Note: absolute ANTZ speech.
  • [US] Spectator:Who else misses smoking in a bar?
    Who misses cozy smoking in a bar?
  • [UK] Spiked:Europe’s smoking bans: a dangerous habit
    All over Europe, excessive smoking bans are springing up from the ground. Financially strong anti-smoking organizations are also calling for bans in the private sector. Are we facing a nanny EU?
  • [US] The American Interest:Neuroscience Culture and the Sins of Vaping
    The peculiarity of nicotine, which distinguishes it from all other narcotics, is its apparent harmlessness. Cannabis, on the other hand, has mind-altering effects that range from euphoria to drowsiness and make it difficult to do serious work.
  • [US] The Atlantic:The vaping overreaction
    The overreaction of US politicians when it comes to electric vaping.
  • [US] The National Interest:This E-Cigarette Tax Could Be Hazardous to Your Health
    All forms of sin taxes are bad for public order. A federal tax on e-cigarettes would be no exception in driving people to black market products.
  • [UK] The Pharmaceutical Journal:Scares over vaping illness could put lives at risk, PHE warns
    Public Health England is concerned that people using e-cigarettes as a means of smoking cessation may be put off by news from the United States, which could increase their risk of relapse to tobacco use.



  • [US] Boston Globe:Judge allows vaping ban to stay in place for now, but rules governor may have overstepped legal bounds
    In Massachusetts, the sales ban on e-steam products will probably remain in place for the time being. However, the judge there is of the opinion that the governor exceeded a legal limit when he imposed the ban.
  • [US] Buffalo News:Another Voice: Misinformation drives the war against vaping
    Misinformation about current respiratory diseases in the US is driving the war on e-vaping.
  • [IE] Dublin Live:Ireland to ban cigarette machines and bring in new restrictions on vapes
    Ireland wants to ban cigarette machines and the sale of e-vapor products to under 18s.
  • [UK] Independent:I'm an American doctor. Here’s the truth about Juul, vaping and legalizing marijuana
    Dr. Eugene Gu from the USA feels that the blanket disparagement of e-vaping is not justified because of the incidents in the USA, because the trigger is products from the black market.
  • [CA] Montreal News:Vaping: Second case of severe lung illness reported in Quebec
    The second case of respiratory illness related to e-vapor products and illegal liquids was reported in Quebec, Canada. The health authorities warn young people against buying and consuming THC-containing liquids from the black market.
  • [NZ] New Zealand Herald:Vaping products now sold in NZ pharmacies
    In New Zealand, an e-vapor product (Vapix) can now also be bought in the pharmacy, as it has been proven that e-cigarettes help to quit smoking.
  • [TR] Reuters:Erdogan says he will never allow vaping, will block e-cigarettes in Turkey
    The Turkish President Erdogan will neither allow the production of e-steam products nor e-vaping in Turkey. In his opinion, the people there should drink better tea.
  • [US] The Daily Pennsylvanian:Philadelphia introduces bill aiming to limit e-cigarette sales to minors
    A Philadelphia bill to regulate e-vape products stipulates that there will be no sale of e-vape products to teenagers. At the same time, the complete range of products for adults should remain available.
  • [US] The Hill:Majority says vaping ban would drive consumers to black market: poll
    According to a survey in the US, if there were an official e-cigarette ban, most would look around the dangerous black market.
  • [IN] The Hindu:‘War on tobacco: think ahead of industry’
    Interview with Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. He welcomes the ban on e-steam products. In his (postponed) view, e-vaping products would have undermined India's efforts to combat tobacco use.
    Note: here one inevitably wonders what this “doctor” smoked.
  • [US] The New York Times:Marijuana and Vaping: Shadowy Past, Dangerous Present
    THC liquids and vaping: Health experts warn against consuming THC liquids.
  • [MY] The Star:Ban e-cigarettes and vaping devices, Govt urged
    In Malaysia, an association is putting pressure on the government to have e-cigarettes banned in Malaysia due to the incidents in the USA.
    Note: here the conventional tobacco cigarette is strengthened with pure intent and played with the ignorance of the people.
  • [UK] The Times:Vapers see cheap life insurance going up in smoke
    In Great Britain, users of e-vaping products will no longer benefit from lower prices for life insurance, as insurers also apply the same risks of tobacco-related illness for vapers.





  • [US] Cleveland Clinic:Lung Biopsy Findings in Severe Pulmonary Illness Associated With E-Cigarette Use (Vaping): A Report of Eight Cases
    Lung biopsy of eight respiratory disease-related deaths in the US. Result: The biopsy shows that the damage in the lungs is not vapor-specific but must be related to the consumption of THC-containing liquids, because this is common to all eight cases.
  • [UK] University College London:Population level predictors of changes in success rates of smoking quit attempts in England: a time series analysis
    Time series analysis. In England, between 2007 and 2018, licensing of nicotine replacement therapy for harm reduction, increased use of e-cigarettes and prescription drugs while attempting to quit, and increased spending on information in the mass media on tobacco control were linked to higher success rates in quitting attempts.
  • [US] University of Vermont:Association of Flavored Tobacco Use With Tobacco Initiation and Subsequent Use Among US Youth and Adults, 2013-2015
    It was investigated whether the use of flavored tobacco products or e-vapor products at a young age is related to an increase in tobacco consumption.
  • [CA] York University:Impact of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on global cigarette consumption: quasi-experimental evaluations using interrupted time series analysis and in-sample forecast event modeling
    The impact of the Framework Agreement for the Reduction of Global Tobacco Consumption (WHO FCTC) was examined.
    Result: There have been no significant changes in global tobacco consumption since the introduction of the FCTC.
    Conclusion: The previous bans have brought nothing, so more bans and harassment are needed.
    Note: the FCTC should be abolished, it wastes huge amounts of money, affects people with ideological index fingers and also fights against the safe alternative of e-cigarettes.






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