What are the most expensive ramen noodles

The best instant ramen? Our personal top 3!

Okay, we'll admit it right away: of course we're biased! Of course we are fans of our own ramen sets, but can they actually be compared with instant ramen? We'll try it out and take a closer look at the whole thing.

2020 has shaken up the world quite a bit and with it of course also the gastronomy, more and more restaurants are offering high quality “ready-made products”, so in 2021 it no longer has to come straight from the factory if it has to go quickly. And the world of ramen for at home has also been upgraded, with more and more committed chefs offering ramen. We at Lesser Panda are of course involved right from the start and celebrate “Instant Ramen” in its best form, we promise!

Let's start with the typical instant noodles:

Did you know that ramen, especially instant ramen, is one of the most widely consumed ready meals in the world. In the USA in particular, they are the epitome of student kitchen skills. In American prisons they have even replaced cigarettes as the most important medium of exchange!
And no wonder, who can blame you: pasta with glutamate powder, hot water on it, delicious! The whole thing is also cheap and has an almost unlimited shelf life. Of course, our fresh ramen sets cannot compete in these areas, after all, everything is freshly prepared by our cooks.

The problem with the glutamate

The myth of the “bad glutamate” has now been refuted from many sides. Glutamate is not unhealthy or harmful per se; rather, it is the most common amino acid in nature. Without glutamate, the world would not function as it is. The amino acid is in ourselves and in everything living around us.
BUT: you can of course use glutamate, or the special effect that glutamate has on us, wonderfully to fool the brain. Glutamate suggests to our brain that it is a high quality, nutritious food.

Glutamate is the main trigger of umami. This is the effect that makes something taste so tasty and spicy. Like all tastes, umami also fulfills a certain function in our organism.

For example, sweetness tells us, "This food is good for us and provides us with high-carbohydrate energy."

Umami, on the other hand, tells our brain: "Hey, this food is good for you, it contains protein, amino acids and proteins"

Why is that a problem now?

If glutamate is used to mask food, our brain receives the message that proteins are being flushed into the system, but this does not actually happen. Unfortunately, the digestive tract cannot confirm the good news about the essential amino acids to the brain.

Our solution for umami

Glutamate occurs naturally in almost all foods, but it is not always freely available. It is often bound in longer protein chains and must first be tapped, for example through fermentation. Good examples are: soy sauce, miso, but also parmesan cheese.

So we made it our goal to take umami to extremes in a natural way. Our dishes have the same “craving” effect as instant ramen, but contain all natural proteins and other vital components that are often lost in industrial foods.

Our own “Instant Ramen”

Of course, our ramen sets are a little more complicated than: water on, done. But not much more complicated either, although everything about it is freshly and artisanal cooked. The biggest difference: To cook the pasta, you have to put the pasta in the boiling water and not the other way around.
In addition, heat the broth, arrange the toppings according to your mood and you're done!

So here is our personal number 1:

What we like most about this ramen is the nice smell of nut butter in the nose when you heat the broth

Number 2:

For me, the nicest thing about this ramen is the strong miso taste in the creamy broth, which goes perfectly with the sesame on the delicious ramen egg.

place 3

For meatless enjoyment, we of course also have a great ramen set with creamy Shiitake Dashi that leaves nothing to be desired. What we like best about this ramen are the braised mushrooms, we prepare them with a very elaborate process, which makes them wonderfully tender and delicious.