What is the best 60 mechanical keyboard

1 Introduction

Also oneGaming keyboard belongs to a perfect gaming setup. It is responsible for ensuring that your entries are recognized quickly and, above all, correctly (keywords: n-key rollover and anti-ghosting). Of course, the driver implementation, feel and workmanship are also important. A good keyboard should not only last two months, but ideally years!

Choosing the right gaming keyboard therefore also requires in-depth knowledge of how the respective switches work. We generally recommend mechanical keyboards for gaming for two reasons: 1. They are faster than their cheaper rubber dome counterparts 2. They behave like a precision tool. With cheap keyboards, the individual keys differ - some trigger faster, some slower, some have a higher resistance, others a lower one. With mechanical keyboards, each key behaves in exactly the same way due to the design!

There are three main types (colors) of switches that you should definitely know:

  • Blue Switch: Have the typical loud click, tactile feedback.
  • Brown Switch: Also have tactile feedback (i.e. a noticeable pressure point) but no loud click.
  • Red Switch: Are fully linear, so they have neither click nor tactile feedback.

Brows and Reds are best for gaming. With the Brows you can feel the switching point of the button, which many people find pleasant. Reds are fully linear and experience has shown that they are the fastest (our recommendation). Recently, there have also been low profile switches, i.e. fully-fledged mechanical switches that are particularly flat. If you are not sure which switch to use, watch this video: Which keyboard switch?

You can also find all recommendations in our current video:

In this TOP 5 You can find the list the best gaming keyboards in all important price ranges. Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard? Then you are exactly right here. Over the course of time, we have been able to test countless models in detail and keep this list up to date so that you can always find the perfect keyboard for your wallet.

And in case you're still looking for other accessories such as mice and headsets are:

2. Best € 30 keyboard

Do you think you don't get much on offer for just under 30 €? Thought wrong! With the Sharkoon SGK4 the budget manufacturer has a really great keyboard on offer. Because for the low price what you get is really amazingly good.

The keyboard is one of the bestsellers on Amazon for a reason, because despite the low price we have the entire range of gaming features!

The model offers a sleeved cable, a RGB lighting, Naturally 1000Hz polling rate, anti-ghosting, N-key rollover and lots of function keys, which is pretty handy. The SGK4 also has an integrated palm rest and a number pad (num block) which can be quite useful for gamers. The function keys can also be freely assigned and even programmed with complete macros, which are stored on an integrated memory - so you are always mobile with the keyboard!

For the price and the equipment, of course, you can't expect mechanical switches - this is where rubber dome technology is used. Nevertheless, the keys are of absolutely high quality and the gaming keyboard should give you a long time to enjoy.

As far as the pure price-performance is concerned, this keyboard is hard to beat and therefore our best recommendation!

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3. Best € 50 keyboard

And for around 50 - 60 € you can currently get a lot for your money! Because the big brother whoSharkoon SGK3 gaming keyboard belongs to the devices with the best price-performance ever.

You can choose from the great mechanical onesKailh switches in the colors blue, red or brown. In addition one Frame made of aluminum, a sleeved cable and the Gaming features such as 1000Hz poll rate, anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, etc.

In addition, this model comes with a complete num block, which is important for many people, and on top of that a super chic and complete customizable RGB lighting. The lighting is controlled by the Sharkoon software and offers countless effects, profiles and possibilities to completely adapt the keyboard to your own taste. Besides, we can all Function keys program yourself and countless Macros deposit.

In terms of price, we get an incredible number of features and other manufacturers would sell such a keyboard for twice the price. No wonder that the keyboard was showered with awards in the trade magazines!

Alternative: If you prefer flat keys, there is now an almost identical version of the SGK-3 with the new low profile keys from Kailh! The model is called Sharkoon Purewriter RGB and is also a TOP recommendation for the price. To the keyboard: Sharkoon Purewriter RGB

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4. Best € 80 keyboard

It currently costs around 80 - 90 euros Logitech G413 and thus one of the currentbest value for money gaming keyboards at all.

It is especially interesting for those of you who want to get the last bit of gaming performance out, because this is where the extremely fast mechanical ones come Romer-G Tactile Logitech switches (manufactured by Omron) are used.

The keyboard is also otherwise adapted to the needs of gamers, because of course it offers everything a gamer's heart desires. 1000Hz poll rate, N-key rollover with anti ghosting and of course one on top of that send lighting. In addition, the keyboard is of great quality, with a baseplate made of brushed aluminum.

All in all, the Logitech G413 is a great keyboard and a great recommendation for everyone who wants to play at a high level and still pay attention to price-performance.

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5. Best € 100 keyboard

The new and great opto-mechanical (Optical) switches from Razer and that affordable? With the new Razer Huntsman Classic is that possible now!

The keyboard brings us for the first time the optical switches specially developed by Razer, which work with a light barrier and thus minimize the bounce / debounce time in a compact keyboard. They are known from the Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse and they give you one in games measurable benefit against opponents with classic switches!

Of course there is the well-known one Chroma RGB lighting from Razer, where you can control each key individually and the matt aluminum cover makes the keyboard look really high-quality.

Of course there are all gaming features like 1000Hz polling rate, 10-key rollover, customizable macros and so on. Nevertheless, thanks to the pleasant switches, the keyboard is also suitable for prolific writers. In principle, we're getting a lighter version of the Razer Huntsman Elite - Without the palm rest and the additional RGB lighting, but also for significantly less money.

A great one Price-performance recommendation for everyone who wants optical switches at a fair price!

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6. Best € 150 keyboard

The Corsair K70 MK.2 Low Profile Rapidfire in the MX-Speed ​​variant! A top-class keyboard that leaves nothing to be desired.

The keyboard costs a lot of money at just under 150 euros, but it is really a good oneabsolute top model and there isn't one thing we have to complain about - despite long-term use.

The Materials and workmanship are first class, the built-in low profile (!)Cherry MX Speed ​​Switches the fastest and probably the best on the market. The RGB lighting and software implementation is great and of course the keyboard has all the other features on board that you can expect from a gaming keyboard.

We also have several Multimedia, function and macro keys, a convenient detachable Palm rest, a USB hub and a stepless volume wheel.

And yes, the keyboards really cost a lot of money, but with both models you really get everything a keyboard can offer and whoever takes the money for such a part will certainly not regret it.


If you don't like flat keys, the best recommendation is the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
If you prefer to do without a num block, the best recommendation is theCorsair K65 RGB Rapidfire

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7. Best € 200 keyboard

The Corsair K100 RGB tops everything we already know from Corsair! - And not just in terms of features, but also the price.

This keyboard costs just under 250 €, but it really offers every imaginable feature and a workmanship and value that is second to none. The new ones are used here Corsair OPX (Optical) Switcheswhich, like the Purple switches from Razer, ensure minimal latency through light barrier technology. If you play at a high level, you should definitely try out optical switches!

There is also otherwise with 4000Hz polling rate, Palm rest made of textile leather and many macro and function keys - everything a gamer's heart desires. The macro keys and the new one programmable scroll wheel (iCue Control Wheel) even offer Elgato Streamdeck Supportwhich is a really great feature for streamers!

We haven't listed something that you expect from this keyboard? Then be sure, we just forgot, because the K100 RGB offers all the features you can imagine.

In the editorial office, we currently find the price to be quite excessive, but everyone has to know for themselves whether they are willing to spend that much money on a keyboard. If so, then in our opinion you get that with the K100 RGB currently the best gaming keyboard on the market!

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8. Best wireless keyboard

Anyone looking for the best wireless gaming keyboard will come to the Logitech G915 Lightspeed find it!

Thanks to the Lightspeed technology, it offers instant input and combines the new ones Low profile switch (Kaihua GL, 70 million keystrokes) with appealing RGB lighting.

You can tell in every corner that this is a premium model and the processing of the aluminum surface reinforces this impression. In addition, everything is on board in terms of gaming features that you would expect from a luxury model. From 1000Hz polling rate (Wireless 1ms transmission) to the programmable macro buttons.

The integrated battery offers ample 30 hours running time and therefore enables long game sessions without having to rely on a cable.

In our opinion, the Lightspeed technology and the flat switches make it the best overall package among the wireless ones!

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9. Conclusion

We have been able to test many keyboards in the past and our recommendations overlap with those of the major hardware magazines for a reason. Any of the recommended keyboards is probably the onebest recommendation in the respective price range! Which gaming keyboard you choose in the end is of course up to you and depends above all on your budget. Nevertheless, you get something decent for almost every budget - regardless of whether for 30 or under 200 €!