Where do you buy pearls

Miss Mister

Hardly any other topic has brought me into contact with you as often as my little DIY bead studio.

It all started during the lockdown as a distraction, hobby and meditation, but now I've really gotten a taste for it. And you obviously too. "Where did you get the pearls from?", "How do you tie the knot on the elastic band?" or "What are they always for Chanel fans?" were just a few of the questions I always got when I took you to my DIY studio via stories. Another question that kept coming up: "Can you also buy the bracelets?" I have to be very clear about this "No!".

I really just do this for fun, experiment, do things that I like personally and am definitely not a professional who can offer a certain quality or service. There are plenty of other shops and labels for this, such as the Queens of DIY-Schmuck Wald Berlin or other DIY shops like In chains jewelry, Hola Amor Estudios, Tela wãve or La Luma Chains. Here are great women at work who offer handmade jewelry for everyone who doesn't have the handicraft shop.

But, many of you have exactly this love of handicrafts and a lot of questions about threads, beads, stores, online shops, must-haves and tips & tricks. And that's exactly why I have collected all your questions and would like to answer them today in a little Q&A!

What do you need to make pearl jewelry yourself?

In principle, it doesn't take much to do this. You need scissors, thread (elastic or nylon, e.g. here), beads, a tray, plate or pearl board (e.g. here) and depending on how many pearls you have already collected, it helps to sort them optimally, but I'll get to that again.

Where do you buy your pearls

By far the most frequently asked question! I buy most of the pearls and utensils online because I couldn't do it any other way during the lockdown. My first address is very clear here Etsy. Here you will find freshwater pearls (e.g. here) in all sizes, but also the iron-on pearls (e.g. here), which are great as filling pearls and also really otherwise everythingwhat the handicraft heart desires. I could link you endlessly pretty pearls here, but the best thing to do is look a little through yourself. It is only important that you pay attention to where the shop is located. I've accidentally ordered from China before and that not only took a terribly long time, but is also completely unnecessary for sustainability reasons.

Otherwise there is also at Amazon a few sellers who sell pretty pearls and then there are also big pearl shops. The range here was a little too big for me personally, so I actually prefer to have everything Etsy order. But since the shops have reopened, I've been enjoying going to the Perlenmarkt in Munich. This is a store that is not only around the corner from me, but also focuses entirely on the sale of DIY pearl jewelry. Everything you need is available here, from pearls to thread, fasteners and sorting systems.

Where do you find ideas and inspiration?

I can't answer this question that easily. Of course, I always see designs on Instagram & Co. that I like, but generally I just try them out. It also happens that I open a bracelet about 10 times, exchange a few pearls or start all over again until I am really satisfied. But everyone has their own creative process.

Do you work with fasteners or elastic thread?

For the sake of simplicity and laziness, I only work with elastic thread. 1. Do I not need to buy clasps and 2. Nothing in the world annoys me more than when I cannot put my bracelets on myself. The problem is history with elastic thread. The fact that this will almost certainly wear out a little after a while doesn't bother me so much with my homemade bracelets. After all, I can re-thread everything myself.

How do you get the knot to hold the elastic thread? Does it keep coming off for me?

This question really surprised me because it came up very often. To be honest, I have no secret at all, I just tie 5-10 really tight knots on top of each other and then nothing comes open. Maybe that's because of the thread, but with the one I have here, it works flawlessly!

Do you take the wristbands off for showering or do you always keep them on?

In general, I always wear my bracelets. So also for sleeping or showering. But of course the cheap plastic beads are not always colourfast. So if you want to be on the safe side, you should remove the jewelry before showering or sunbathing. Luckily, it's very easy with the elastic thread!

How do you keep the pearls?

Here I can recommend the practical pearl sorting boxes (e.g. here), where you really have a great overview. When I didn't have such a large collection, however, I kept my pearls in small cardboard boxes in which jewelry is sent. Works great, just aren't transparent.

How do you know how many beads you need for a bracelet?

Honestly, you just have to try it out. It can help if you measure your arm or neck circumference and then add it up. Personally, however, I always just start with threading and then test when it's enough.

Where did you get the Chanel pendants that you use for your bracelets?

Ha! Here comes again again Etsy in the game. As I've told you many times before, I collect vintage Chanel buttons and there are at Etsy Lots of sellers who have a great selection (e.g. here). However, not every button is suitable as a pendant for bracelets or chains. It must not be too heavy, it must have a matching eyelet on the back and the beads around it must be stable. Again, I can only advise: try, try, try! Sometimes you just have to be a little inventive when doing handicrafts and then you get just about anything!

Is there any place to buy pre-made bead kits?

For all those who do not feel like clicking through the net for hours or are simply unsure which pearls go best together, the girls from Forest Berlin implemented a pretty brilliant idea. They offer different bead kits (here) that include everything you need for DIY and so you can get to grips with the topic.

I very much hope that I was able to answer all of your questions now, but if anything is still open or unclear, feel free to contact me at any time. And of course I'm also very happy about pictures of your DIY's!

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