What does the abbreviation M E.

Quality has an abbreviation: Masters are called "me."

The championship title stands for quality. But we encounter him less and less, especially in non-licensed trades such as the tiler or interior decorator. So it makes sense for a master craftsman to inform the potential customer about his laboriously acquired qualification right from the first contact.

Doctors, engineers or lawyers have it easier. The abbreviation Dr., Ing. Or RA draws attention to your professional qualification. Master craftsmen can do that too. The HWK Wiesbaden has the abbreviation me for this. Developed for master craftsmen, had it trademarked and has been making it freely available to master craftsmen from all over Germany since 2004. You can use it in front of your name on business cards, stationery or business vehicles.

“The idea was to create a personal marketing tool,” says Dirk Kornau, spokesman for the Wiesbaden Chamber of Crafts. The craftsmen could use it to underline their master's title and draw attention to their special qualifications. The demand is not huge, but steady, so Kornau. Especially young or employed masters and trades that are not so well known are open to the master abbreviation. "It also serves as a good starting point for discussions with customers," reports Kornau. The customers paused, asked and the opportunity was there to talk about the skills acquired as a master.

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