What did you buy for Christmas?

The Xmas test: what should I wish for for Christmas?

Somehow it's the same every year: While you've been thinking for weeks about what to give your loved ones for Christmas, you forget your own Christmas wishes. And the closer Christmas Eve gets, the more urgent the questions from Mama, Schatz & Co become, what they should give you now. But you just can't find the redeeming answer. The frustrating thing about it: Throughout the year you had a thousand wishes in your head, but now you absolutely cannot think of what to get for Christmas.

If you are still missing the ideas for your own gifts, then take our test now. He'll tell you what you can wish for for Christmas this year.

You are not satisfied with the test result and think there is something else you could wish for? Here come great gift ideas for every type.

Gift ideas for beauty queens

Make-up is always possible - especially in winter it can be a little more. At Christmas your opportunity comes, for example, to wish you a high-quality, great eyeshadow palette that you would not buy yourself. But also a nice lipstick, a noble perfume or a serum for your eyelashes (shop here at Amazon) are great gift ideas.

Gift ideas for DIY lovers

Go to the store and buy something - anyone can do that. But something homemade is something very special. Do you still need a calendar for the next year? Here comes your opportunity to wish you a homemade one with great pictures and drawings.

But as a DIY fan you could also wish for decoration for the home, a homemade lip peeling or small gifts from the kitchen, such as homemade chocolates or delicious coconut liqueur.

You can find more great DIY gift ideas from the kitchen here.

Would like more? Here you can find 5 more DIY gift ideas to make yourself!

Gift ideas for the adventurous

Would you like to do something really cool again? Then you can wonderfully wish yourself a voucher for an experience. How about, for example, a concert ticket or a wellness voucher? If you are a real adrenaline junkie, you can also choose a voucher for an escape room, a quad tour or even a skydive.

Your next experience has long been planned, but you just don't have the right sportswear?

Have you planned to give away a voucher for Christmas? Then you may have already thought about how you can present your gift decoratively. Here you will find 11 ideas for wrapping a voucher in an original way!

Gift ideas for technology fans

Do you know what a huge difference it makes to listen to music through good headphones or speakers? Maybe a quality music box (shop here at Amazon) would be the right gift idea for you. Do you like it more unusual? How about a retro popcorn machine or an old school Gameboy? If the budget is bigger, you could also want an action cam or a drone.

You can find even more gift inspiration on our shopping tips page!

And don't forget: Regardless of whether at Christmas or on another occasion: When it comes to a gift, one thing is most important - namely that it comes from the heart and is given with a lot of love. With this in mind, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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