Above all, could Thanos defeat the One

MARVEL's Avengers are back loudly in the latest hit movie "Avengers: Infinity War". The heroes of your dreams unite and bundle all their forces to defeat the ever more powerful Titan Thanos, because only if they combine their forces there is a tiny chance to save the world from Thanos' calamity.

The movie goes straight to the end of the film "Thor - The Final Decision", because the first scene already shows the Aesir spaceship, which Titan Thanos, our ultimate villain in "Avengers: Infinity War", half killed. He let the other half flee and so he is alone at the scene of the battle with Thor, his brother Loki, Bruce Banner and Heimdall. There he brutally tortures Thor with the aim of getting his brother Loki to hand over the space stone to Thanos. Without further ado, Loki buckles and hands him the tesseract with the space stone in it.

Unfortunately, neither Thor nor Hulk manage to prevent Thanos from escaping with the stone, which shortly before kills both Heimdall and Loki, who tried to outsmart him.
Now the space stone is the second Infinity Stone that Thanos was able to bring into his possession, after he had previously stolen the power stone from the Nova Corps and killed half of the Xandarians. His goal is of course to get the other stones that are on earth, so he sends his foster children there and destroys the spaceship on which Thor is still trapped.

Meanwhile, Hulk, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark are gathering on earth to come up with a plan to protect the Infinity Stones that are still in their hands. They tell Stark how the six Infinity Stones were created: the elementary pieces of crystal, which were created after the Big Bang and combined represent an invincible force, were distributed in various corners of the universe. The Thanos still wants to get at any price are the thought stone (which is in Vision's forehead), the reality stone, the time stone (which Doctor Strange guards) and the soul stone.

A brilliant adventure with many fights begins and the superheroes try everything in their power to stop Thanos. Even Thano's adopted daughter Gamora turns against the Titan and tries to defeat him, but in vain. But it is she who explains to the other Avengers what Thanos wants to achieve with all the power he has gathered: the Titan tries to wipe out half the population of the universe in order to restore the balance of the universe and save it from overpopulation. Should Thanos be able to collect all six Infinity Stones, he would only have to snap his fingers to turn his plans into reality.

Thanos ‘Greed for power reaches far and is insatiable, it is even greater than the love for his daughter, which he ultimately sacrifices in order to receive the soul stone. With tears in his eyes he pushes her down a cliff.
Meanwhile, the spaceship of the Avengers has found the destroyed ship of the Aesir and with it a living Thor. This breaks out to have a new hammer forged, because without a hammer Thor is completely powerless. Ultimately, all superheroes, starting with Spiderman, via Captain America, and ending with Vision, meet in Wakanda, where it comes to a catastrophe and the Avengers fight against the followers of Thanos and at the same time try to destroy the thought stone of Vision without sacrificing it. With united forces they give everything to defeat Thanos.

Will they make it or will Thanos get the better of it?

The new MARVEL Studios hit movie is an absolute must, even for brand new MARVEL fans. Even if the film requires a little prior knowledge of the previously published stories, one gets along well without it and understands the very complicated course of the story comparatively quickly. Apart from that, I just have to say that the movie shows an absolutely fantastic world, the effects used and the quality can quickly astonish you and the fast fight scenes just seem perfectly thought out. All in all a brilliant action / comedy / superhero film where everyone can find personal access quickly and easily.
Have fun in the cinema!

Check out the breathtaking trailer here!

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