What are Google's corporate values ​​and why

Communication guidelines for Google employees

Here are some important things to keep in mind when communicating:

  • Be responsible. What you say and do has meaning. You are responsible for your words and actions and you will be held accountable for them.
  • Be helpful. Your voice is your contribution - make it productive.
  • Be careful. Your statements can be associated with Google regardless of your intent. Therefore, think twice before making statements that might lead others to make incorrect assumptions.

1. Stick to Google's three values ​​when communicating.

Respect for users, for new opportunities and for each other. Our values ​​determine how we should behave on the way to our goal. Each of us has to internalize it.

2. Do your part to keep Google a safe, productive, and inclusive company for everyone.

Sharing information and ideas with colleagues helps build a community. However, heated discussions about politics or breaking news usually have no positive effects on your work environment. Our main job is to do the work we are each hired to do - not to spend time discussing topics that are not work-related.

Avoid conversations that disrupt the workplace or otherwise violate Google's workplace guidelines. Managers are expected to stop conversations that violate these guidelines.

3. Conversations that make other Google employees feel like they don't belong are undesirable.

Insults, insults or personal attacks will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This also includes statements that offend, humiliate or humiliate other employees, members of our extended workforce, our business partners or other persons (including public figures), be it as an individual or with reference to a specific group, or against other standards of conduct or violate harassment and bullying policies.

4. You are responsible for your words and their effects.

What you say and do matters and can have long-lasting effects. Show respect for your comments about and towards your colleagues.

As a Googler, your comments - wherever you express them - can have a serious impact on other Googlers, yourself and our company. We are all free to raise concerns and respectfully question and discuss the company's activities - it's part of our culture. Make sure, however, that you have a good basis of information. Do not assume that you know all about it, and do not make false or misleading statements about Google's products or businesses that could undermine confidence in our products and the work we do.

5. Our data must be handled with the utmost care.

Always remember that our communications can spread quickly. Make sure that the access, disclosure or dissemination of important and confidential information must always be carried out in accordance with our data protection guidelines.

You are responsible for complying with these guidelines, our Code of Conduct and other workplace guidelines. When conversations and behaviors do not follow these guidelines, managers and facilitators must intervene. If necessary, we remove certain discussion forums, revoke permissions to comment, view or post, or initiate appropriate disciplinary measures.

If required by local law and applicable guidelines, Google employees and members of our external workforce are allowed to speak about pay, working hours and other working conditions or violations of law. However, confidential information may not be published beyond the legal framework.