Why do we need an interpreter

Our service - interpreters Berlin:

Are you organizing a multilingual event?
Do you need interpreters in the simultaneous booth or at the negotiating table?
Are you looking for the appropriate conference technology?
Do you need excellent translators?
We like to help you!

Whether at European conferences, official receptions or company meetings, our interpreters master the topics of today and tomorrow for you.

What we offer you:

Regardless of your venue, we take care of:

  • Advice on the preparation of your multilingual event
  • Interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting in German, French and Spanish
  • Placement of highly qualified conference interpreters in all common languages
  • Optimal composition of interpreting teams for all language combinations and topics
  • Mediation of conference technology (e.g. simultaneous booths, public address technology, microphone systems)
  • Translations of specialist texts

Congresses and conferences in English

The lectures will be broadcast in the respective target languages ​​at the same time as the speaker. This technique saves a considerable amount of time as several languages ​​can be interpreted at the same time. Technical equipment is required for this: soundproof interpreting booth, headphones, microphones. If required, we can provide you with this equipment.

Company visits and training courses in English - German

Best suited for small gatherings. The contributions will be interpreted after 2 to 3 sentences. As a rule, a single interpreter is sufficient to provide these services. Inexpensive, no technical equipment required.

Business negotiations and receptions

This technique is used in the context of business negotiations or receptions for interpreting speeches or addresses. This takes place every five to fifteen minutes, with the interpreter based on the notes he took during the lecture. No technical equipment required.

The technology:

If your event is to be interpreted simultaneously, you need the appropriate conference technology. We work with a number of reliable providers and are happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal system for your event. This can include: Simultaneous booths, public address systems, microphone systems, AV technology


Cultural planning offer a network of conference interpreters and interpreters with long professional experience offers conference support in matters of interpreting and translation. We have sworn interpreters and take care of your sworn translation. Here you will find interpreting for registry offices, courts, notaries. Translation of documents. Conference documentation. The focus is on simultaneous interpreting, whispering simultaneous interpreting, whispering interpreting, consecutive interpreting, specialist translations and arranging booth technology and technical assistance for conferences

Cultural planning offers translation of conference material, conference documentation,
Echoo interprets tours, company tours, works meetings, supervisory board meetings, supervisory board meetings, readings, book presentations, author readings, literary colloquia, press conferences, forums, discussion groups, round tables, award ceremonies, awarding of international prizes, exhibition openings, inaugurations, festivals, embassy events, interviews, for film and television. TV, cinema.


English interpreter
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Our competencies:
Conference interpreting English
Conference interpreter
Interpreting a conference
Interpreter for a conference
Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreter
Simultaneous interpreter
Sworn interpreters
Sworn interpreter
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