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Modest infrastructure - despite an infinite number of arguments for the bicycle

Naviki interview: Atul Khatri

Atul Khatri is one of India's most successful comedians. At the same time he is a bicycle enthusiast and uses the bike in everyday life, leisure time and as a piece of sports equipment. We asked him what biking means to him and what role he sees for bicycles in mobility.

Naviki: What purpose do you usually ride a bike for?

Atul: I use the bike as a great tool for training. I'm 51 years old and I do great cardio training on my bike. It also keeps my knees fit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cycling for you personally?

The number of advantages is infinite. It's the most effective cardio workout even when compared to running or swimming. The only downside in my city is that in Mumbai it is a very early morning activity. In fact, the best way to get around is at night because there is enough space on the road. Our infrastructure is currently not particularly acceptable for cyclists.

Many cities in Europe and North America are encouraging their citizens to switch from cars to bicycles. Could this also become a trend in India?

This should actually happen, because the bicycle is the best solution for mobility. Unfortunately, because of the lack of bicycle infrastructure and the lack of consideration of drivers for cyclists, biking does not yet have the desired proportion of traffic.

So what can be done to make cycling much more popular in India?

Better roads and special bike paths on these roads. In addition, better training of drivers so that they respect and show consideration for cyclists.

What waslatelyyour most exciting cycling experience?

Last year I did a very nice bike ride in Keswick in the English Lake District. A huge contrast to the air and traffic situation in my hometown Mumbai. My lungs opened!

Thank you Atul!