Will the wanderlust ever go away?

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Interesting question, kaddiNYC!

Wanderlust can also be a good feeling, because you just want to experience the unfamiliar and new and maybe just want to see what it looks like "beyond the fence". I think that shows open-mindedness and a spirit of enterprise. Of course, people are also drawn to faraway places because they are not satisfied at home, but I don't think that this necessarily falls under "wanderlust".

I don't know whether homesickness is "a good feeling". Homesickness can also mean that one cannot adapt to the new place and the new circumstances. And yes, I sometimes feel homesick for Germany, but very rarely. My personal homesickness is more about people and things as they were. It's actually about stuff that you can never get back anyway - playing at the Dannewerk near Schleswig, building tree houses in Rengsdorf in the Westerwald, climbing in the volcano on the Rodderberg near Bad Godesberg. Perhaps “homesickness” will eventually turn into “nostalgia”. And nostalgia / homesickness can color the view, suddenly you can see home through rose-colored glasses. And that is not good.

Homesickness can, however, also mean that you are down to earth, you don't need the other. Nice to experience it, but also very nice to come home again.

Say hello to your grandma for me. Perhaps you will find a travel destination that is not too far away and that does justice to both wanderlust and homesickness!