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There is actually no place on earth that a backpacking trip is not worthwhile. However, some countries stand out due to their good infrastructure, their low cost of living, their travel security and their ideal climatic conditions and have become true backpacker / backpacking strongholds over the years. Which region is or will be your own personal paradise also depends on what you are looking for: are it endless beaches or the mountains? Are you interested in ancient cultures and historical ethnic groups? Do you feel more comfortable surrounded by many people or are you drawn to lonely areas? Do you want to see lots of exotic animals, try the best food of your life, go diving or meet as many locals as possible?

Your travel style also determines whether you feel in good hands in a country or not. For example, if you're setting out on your own, it might be better to go to a region that is considered safe. If your budget is really manageable, a country with low cost of living is a good option so that you don't have to spend every penny twice in the end. But don't worry, there is the ideal travel destination for every backpacker on our planet - and it will definitely not stay with one! But especially when you are at the beginning of your Backpacker career It's not easy to choose just one or two of these great destinations. Here you can find out everything about the best travel countries and receive helpful tips.

Backpacking in Asia

You can travel safely and cheaply, especially in Southeast Asia. Many backpackers start their first backpacking adventure in countries like Thailand or Vietnam. But even experienced travelers will find numerous destinations on this diverse continent with ever new impressions and challenges.

Backpacking in North America

You shouldn't necessarily travel to the land of unlimited possibilities with a tight travel budget. Same goes for Canada. Both countries are so big and so varied that you definitely have to come here more than once to really be able to say: I've seen North America!

Backpacking in Central America

A little travel experience can't hurt in some of these countries. But with a healthy dose of common sense you will have the best time of your life in Central America, because this part of the world has a lot to offer: ancient culture, dream beaches, nature - and of course the joie de vivre of the locals.

Backpacking in South America

Colorful and culturally diverse - this description probably best applies to the states of South America. Here you can spend your time high up in the mountains, in the desert, by the sea or in lively cities. The individual countries are so different, you will probably have to travel to all of them at once.

Backpacking in Africa

Mysterious Africa! Backpackers have already discovered South Africa for themselves and it is really good and easy to travel to. But also in the other countries unique landscapes, culinary delights, exotic flora and fauna as well as colorful cultures are waiting to be discovered!

Backpacking in Europe

On our own continent you will certainly not have so many culture shocks, but you will definitely be amazed at how wild and natural nature is in the far north, how relaxed life is in the south and how mysterious and exciting a journey through the east can be can.

Backpacking in Australia / Oceania

Down-under and New Zealand are price-wise at European level. But what you get in return will be memories for life: untouched nature, unique landscapes, fascinating wildlife and incredibly friendly and helpful locals ...

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Everything about backpacking and the backpacker

As the name backpacking suggests, the backpack plays the main role in this travel style: the backpack! Backpacking means that a backpack is your luggage and not a trolley suitcase or a sports bag. With your belongings on your back, you go on a trip that can take you to all parts of the world. On these pages you will find all information about the round sack. Which models are particularly suitable? How do you best pack it without taking too much with you and still having everything with you?

What else you need to know

The classic backpacker usually has a limited budget available, a possible route in his head and only a round-trip ticket in his pocket. Everything else is decided spontaneously on site. Here you can find out what you should think about in advance, which tools will make planning and travel easier for you and which criteria you use to choose your travel destination: