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Smriti Irani (Hindi स्मृति ईरानी; born March 23, 1976 in Delhi) (b. Smriti Malhotra) is an Indian former model, actress and politician. She has been a minister in the Modi government since 2014. She initially held the post of Minister for Human Resources Development and has been Minister of Textiles since 2016.

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Irani was born and raised in the greater Delhi area. Her mother comes from West Bengal and her father from Punjab.[1] She is the oldest of three other sisters and graduated from the Roman Catholic "Holy Child Auxilium School" of the Don Bosco sisters in New Delhi up to grade 13. She then studied at the University of Delhi. As a child she was a member of the Hindu nationalist SS. The academic degree you have achieved, which Irani indicates as a Bachelor, is the subject of affidavits and pending legal proceedings.[2]

Actress and model

In 1998 Irani reached the finals of Miss India-Elections[3] and placed in the top ten together with Gauri Pradhan Tejwani. In the same year she was also active as a singer with Mika Singh. Her TV career started a year later.

Political career and positions

Since childhood she has been a member of the Hindu volunteer organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).[4] In 2003 she became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), chairwoman of the BJP women's organization in 2010 and vice-president of the BJP in 2011. She believes that women rapists should be punished with death. In August 2011 she was elected to the Rajya Sabha to represent the state of Gujarat. In 2014 she brought Modi into his cabinet, initially as Minister for Human Resources Development (Ministry of Education). During the government reshuffle in 2016, she moved to the Ministry of Textiles, which was seen in the press as a certain decline in the cabinet hierarchy.[5]

Irani has been married to Zubin Irani, a Parson and friend from her youth, since 2001. The couple has a son and a daughter,

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