Why don't children dress like adults anymore?

"Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus" - "So we want to be happy while we are still young": With this old student song, students in Latin class are forced to sing about the value of youth. One or the other may look down at themselves and wonder why they look so unhappy themselves. But so sleek and ironed. And not a bit young.

One day this student will leaf through the photo albums of his childhood, shake his head sadly and ask: "Mom, Dad, how could you put me in these philistine clothes? In shirts and tank tops, in mini-jackets, designer shirts and leather shoes, in blankets Colors and fine fabrics? "

Indeed, a fair question: what do parents who attract their offspring like young adults ride? Is the performance society to blame? After all, the best day care center in the district only accepts children who play particularly professionally at the interview. Two languages ​​can often be learned in kindergarten. Parents come to the interview with application folders. In elementary school, the rest of your life is decided - if you can't add one and one together quickly enough or build a circuit with a battery, wires and lightbulb, you've already lost.

So some parents encourage their children with a tactic that they themselves learned in their first years of employment: to appear competent to the outside world in order to be perceived as competent. A boy who looks like he already has a university degree may qualify more easily for the better kindergarten, the more promising elementary school, the more prestigious grammar school.

Plus, vain parents who can easily create a smaller version of themselves can save so much time! It is no longer possible to determine whether the fashion industry reacted to this phenomenon or, conversely, invented it. In any case, large family purchases at Lacoste and Hilfiger are now done in no time - the parents' choice is simply bought in sizes 104 and 116. The two rascals are already perfectly dressed and time-consuming trips to the children's shop have been successfully rationalized away.

But with all understanding of the pressure to perform and narcissism: Shouldn't children be dressed appropriately for their age? If only because your childhood will be the only time when you can wear blue sweaters with embroidered animals and pompons with yellow trousers without being looked at?