Underwater welding is boring

How can I incorporate magic into my world while avoiding a world dominated by magic? [closed]

The answers here are great. So far we've been boring, tough, and expensive. I can still think of a few more possibilities.

Make it dangerous or painful (or both). If the use of magic risks or causes self-harm or even death, few would want to try. Indeed, many may fear for those who did it. When found useful enough magic can become a regulated profession, such as a doctor, lawyer, or other certified occupation such as an underwater welder. If it wasn't deemed useful, or if the cost of its usefulness was too high, it can simply be banned (although I'm sure some would practice it underground). This could mix the will with it being boring too, that is, with a lot of boring practice it could become less painful / dangerous.

Teens can try the less risky forms (because they tend to make less informed decisions), but if it was painful (even mild) or injured injuries were frequent enough, it would get old very quickly. Even if it wasn't illegal, most parents would want to put an end to it.

The interesting nuance would be that different governments / jurisdictions would have different opinions on how to regulate them.