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Prince Charles + Prince Philip: It couldn't be more different

by Karen Diehn
Prince Philip turns 95 on June 10th. British newspapers are taking this as an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and at his relationship with heir apparent Charles and the Queen

In the run-up to Prince Philip's birthday on June 10, the British press once again devoted itself extensively to the network of relationships within the royal family.

While the marriage of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth is beyond reproach, the Duke of Edinburgh's relationship with his eldest son Charles has long appeared complicated and strained. And not only when Prince Charles' first marriage to Princess Diana failed and he finally decided on Camilla Parker-Bowles. A fact that the Prince Consort is said to have disapproved of because it weighed on the Queen's position.

Several biographers with access to the inner circle of the Windsors described that the heir to the throne, born in 1948, suffered as a toddler from the frequent absence of his parents, who - as writer Jonathan Dimbleby describes it - starved him emotionally. In addition, Charles was less able to deal with the brusque and sometimes even tyrannical manner of his father than, for example, his sister Anne.

One romantic, the other pragmatic

The royal biographer Gyles Brandreth gave, among other things, in the British "Express" insights into what is happening behind the scenes of the royal family and into the network of relationships between father and son. Prince Philip once said, according to Brandreth, what distinguishes him and the Prince of Wales is their character. "He's a romantic, but I'm more pragmatic. That means we look at things differently. And because I do not share the romantic point of view, I am emotionally cold. "

Nevertheless, the two royals were able to come to terms with each other over the years despite their different points of view. The biographer, who has been observing events in the royal family for around 40 years, has the impression that the relationship between father and son has become closer. "The Duke of Edinburgh was very happy about the private birthday party on April 21st that Charles organized for the Queen. He congratulated his son and thanked him for everything going so well," he told the British newspaper.

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Prince Philip seldom ministers. His caustic comments are feared, as are his unprotected remarks and jokes, which often go below the belt. The Queen is amused by this - and she forgives her husband.

Gyles Brandreth sees the secret of the stable long-term marriage of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, who have been married since 1947, in the fact that the Prince Consort can make his wife laugh. Their humor is similar, but their characters are very different, according to the author. The monarch is calmer, while her husband is clearly more extroverted. You often see laughing together - and then the Queen hits herself on the thigh and gets emotional for her. Not just with her husband's jokes, by the way.

In interviews before his grandmother's 90th birthday, Prince William said that Prince Philip and she would always have a good time if something of the carefully rehearsed choreography went wrong at a public performance, at a parade or at an opening. Then his grandparents are the first to laugh.

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