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Be Sprout

The simple principle: As soon as a Sprout pencil is used up, you plant it in the ground and watch something grow out of it. Sprout vegetable graphite pencils are made from 100% environmentally friendly material and are Cradle-to-Cradle certified. These high quality pens are the only original and patented seed graphite pens in the world. Each graphite pencil gives an indication of which plant will later grow from it.

Small pencil, big idea

Sprout graphite pencils are now used by companies and organizations around the world to spread the important message of sustainability. They are the ideal advertising medium for:

Product launches, conferences, kick-off events, team building sessions, seminars and much more.

You can choose from eight different pen colors and ten different, non-genetically modified seeds. The types of wood are cedar, silver fir, pulai, and two types of linden wood. The dark green capsule is made from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable. The lead of the pencil is lead-free and made from a mixture of clay and graphite.

Your logo or your message is engraved in the pencil by laser and the packaging can also be individually printed with your message and your commitment to ecological sustainability.

As soon as your customers and their families know that your Sprout graphite pencil is turning into a plant, it is sure to put a smile on their faces. The transformation of the Sprout graphite pencil into flowers, herbs or vegetables is a clear message and a smart way to make sustainability visible to others. Perhaps these pens also inspire you to initiate changes in your own life?



Key features


Sprout graphite pencils are made from PETC / FSC certified wood. These global certification programs confirm that the wood used comes from fully sustainable forests. In other words, a new one is planted for every felled tree needed to make the graphite pencils.



With popular herb and flower seeds such as basil, sage and sunflower - each pack of pens is topped with a biodegradable seed pod. All seeds are GMO-free and are selected because they are easy to grow - even if you don't have a green thumb!



Each part of the Sprout graphite pencil is non-toxic and does not contain lead. The graphite pencils are also approved according to the European safety approval EN-71. So if it happens that the pens are eaten by a child or pet, there is no need to worry as they are completely harmless.



Herbal Sprout Pencils. Made from 100% natural material. These high quality Sprout graphite pencils are the only original and patented seed graphite pencils in the world.



Planting instructions

Use a saucepan with a drainage hole in the bottom. Place this on a saucer and fill it with suitable potting soil. Water the soil so that it is moist but not wet. Insert the pen at an angle and not too deep. The soil should just cover the seed pod.

Place the pot in natural light, but avoid direct sunlight if possible. A temperature of 20 ° C / 68 ° F is ideal. Add water to the saucer regularly. The first shoots should appear after about one and four weeks. 🙂

Time lapse video