How do you wear leather jackets

10 tips for your leather jacket look

New leather jacket? We'll tell you the quickest way to get it registered. Then there are a few style tips.

This is how you get your leather jacket soft

You want a supple leather jacket, but you want your hard-earned cash Not spend on an old part that someone else has worn? Then it will probably be a new one that you have to soften first. And this is how it works:

You need:

  • A leather care product
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Half an hour
  • A good Netflix series to watch on the side

Step 1: be good to your jacket

The jacket probably cost you half a fortune, so do it gently and carefully so that it looks as good after your treatment as it did before. Just imagine if the leather were your own skin: if you take care of yourself and drink two liters of water every day, you look fresh too, don't you? Leather also needs a lot of moisture and a good care product in order to remain supple and soft.

Step 2: apply care products

Take a microfiber cloth (you can get it at Amazon just like in any supermarket) and put a little of the remedy on it. Then you gradually apply it to all parts of the jacket that you want to make more supple - for example the sleeves and the back.

Step 3: massage in

Rub the product into the leather with vigorous movements. For a properly registered look, you can press on a little more firmly.

Step 4: knead

Of course, you should still be gentle with your jacket. Now you have to knead it well so that the leather becomes supple. As a result, the care product is better absorbed and gets into even the smallest folds and cracks.

Step 5: blow dry

Set the heat to medium, then blow-dry all of the areas you've treated. So the jacket can properly absorb the care product and you get the best - and softest - result.

Step 6: wipe off leftovers

Grab the microfiber cloth again and wipe the jacket thoroughly to remove any remnants of the care product. Then you can put them on and get started - if you continue wearing them straight away, the leather will be even more supple.

The alternative - in one step to a soft leather jacket

The Step Outside: Let the Weather Do the Work

Would you like to save the money for the care product? Then you can just go out in your jacket when it is raining lightly.

Wait until it's reasonably wet and then go back inside. Leave it on for a while and move around in it as much as possible. Bend your arms and back to stretch the leather and make it more pliable. Who would have thought that bad weather could be so good?

10 tips on how to wear your wonderfully soft leather jacket

Is the jacket soft and supple? Then we can take care of the style now. Here are a few fresh ideas for your leather jacket look:

1. Onion with dermis

The colder it gets outside, the more we like the onion look. The layering principle also has the advantage that we can wear our leather jacket longer. Combine them with a loose sweater and an oversized scarf, for example.

2. Bound

Are you getting warm in the leather? Don't hang your jacket over the back of a chair, where you'll end up forgetting when you move on to the next bar. Instead, tie them around your stomach with your sleeves - then you'll always have them close at hand and at the same time make a small statement. For women, tank tops and jeans go well with the leather at the waist, while men can stick to simple T-shirts and slim jeans.

3. Put down

Do you want your style to be instagramable anytime and anywhere? Then it's best not to put your leather jacket on - just put it around your shoulders without slipping on your sleeves. If you wear a half-turtleneck or an oversized knitted sweater underneath, your fashion blogger look is perfect and you won't get cold either.

4. Rolled up

If the leather jacket is supple and generously cut, roll up the sleeves up to the elbows. A great idea for women: a sweater or top with flared sleeves that can be seen under the rolled up leather jacket.

5. Hood out

You don't have to go without your favorite hoodie in the cold season. Just wear it under your leather jacket. Let the hood hang out of the collar - firstly it looks pretty casual and secondly it is extremely practical when it starts to rain.

6. Buttons ran

Get some enamel buttons that say something about you and pin them on the chest or collar of your leather jacket. If you want to show yourself from your rocking side, it can also be a patch with the logo of your favorite band. Or a button as a tribute to a star who left us too soon. (We miss you, David Bowie.) Use buttons and patches to show the people around you what interests you. This look is the perfect conversation starter and who knows - you might get to know someone special. Discover the buttons and patches on our website.

7. Double leather

Do you have leather-look trousers slumbering in your closet that could do with a bit of daylight? Then put it on with your leather jacket with a loose T-shirt - that results in a gaudy biker outfit. If the look is too wild for you, you can take it back a little with a pair of sneakers.

8. Under the vest

Vest and leather jacket? A daring combination that you can try out. We think of a black vest with a faux fur hood - over the black leather jacket. A strong statement.

9. Over the shoulder

When it gets hot in the bar, do it like the models: throw your jacket casually over your shoulder and hold it while you wait for your drink at the bar. A photogenic posture completes the look.

10. The feminine touch

For a slightly feminine flair, women can also rely on contrasts - for example with a loose, fluffy skater dress under the leather jacket. A pair of heavy lace-up boots complete this look.