May teachers like their work

Study on teachers : Teachers are team players - but not in the classroom

Teachers in Germany like to work together - but only on certain topics. They often exchange ideas about their students and about teaching materials. Teaching in a team or observing colleagues, on the other hand, are less common.

This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Mercator Foundation and the Telekom Foundation. 1015 teachers were surveyed, and the results will also be presented next week at the international teachers' congress in Berlin. The congress is also supported by the four foundations.

In principle, the willingness to work in a team is great, according to the survey: 97 percent of those surveyed consider it important, for 87 percent the effort involved is worthwhile. In fact, teachers spend five of an average of 43 hours a week working with colleagues, other educational professionals and parents. 82 percent of the respondents said that they would talk about teaching materials and students. It is also often a question of how the work can be divided among the teaching staff (77 percent say that).

Only one in ten visits colleagues

However, if the collaboration becomes more complex, fewer teachers participate. Half of the respondents develop teaching concepts together with colleagues. Only 23 percent of the teachers actually teach in a team, only one in ten often observes other teachers' lessons. The feedback culture within the teaching staff is “particularly weak”, conclude the education researchers Dirk Richter (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) and Hans Anand Pant (HU Berlin), who have evaluated the figures: “A large part of the teaching staff in Germany does not receive any or only one very little insight into the lessons of other colleagues. "

But stronger teamwork between teachers is a success factor for good schools, say the education researchers - all the more because the student body is becoming more and more diverse. If the school management supports teamwork, this will be more successful. Fixed teamwork hours could help, for example; Teachers should also spend time together at school outside of class. At the moment, teachers in all-day schools and non-gymnasium schools in particular work well together.

Teachers like their job

The survey also shows that teachers like their job. 80 percent describe themselves as motivated, 76 percent are satisfied with their job. Only six percent consider themselves exhausted, two percent have great doubts about their competence. On average, teachers work as long as other academics: after deducting the holidays, they work a 38-hour week, which corresponds to the working hours of engineers, lawyers or civil servants in the higher service.

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