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Never be a gray mouse again!

While we shouldn't judge someone by their clothes, there is one thing we cannot deny: Our clothes play an important role in how other people perceive us and how we feel about our skin. Many women are dissatisfied with their clothing style and would like to try something new. Often, however, the wish is not followed by action. This should finally be over in the new year! If you often stand helplessly in front of your closet and secretly wish you had an exciting wardrobe, then don't wait any longer! With our tips, you too can take the big step towards a colorful and attractive clothing style that reflects your true personality. It's not about demeaning your current style. Rather, you should concentrate on putting your strengths in the foreground without disguising yourself. Changing your look - it takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Your fashion transformation shouldn't happen overnight. Our style tips prepare you for this exciting journey and accompany you step by step. We'll prove to you: Even if you have little time, money and self-confidence, you can do it: go from a gray mouse to a style icon.

Prepare for your new clothing style

You don't have to reinvent yourself overnight. Not only would it be way too much of a challenge, but you probably wouldn't be comfortable with it either. Take your time and figure out how best to go about it. We have summarized the most important steps of this phase for you:

1. Get to know your body

Find out which parts of your body are particularly attractive. Look at yourself in the mirror and pay attention to every detail. What do you want to emphasize, what do you want to conceal? Feel free to ask your best friends for help with this difficult step. They will certainly advise you honestly. If you know what others find beautiful about you, you will put your body in the limelight with great self-confidence. If you know what to highlight and what to hide, you will feel confident in the appropriate outfits.

2. Plan your new wardrobe

Roughly define which style you want to implement. Fashion magazines, fashion blogs and Pinterest can help you with this. Collect looks that you like and take a closer look at them: Which outfit can be easily and quickly implemented in everyday life? Pay attention not only to the cuts, but also to colors and small details, such as decorations and patterns. You don't have to implement the collected looks one-to-one. Often it is enough if you roughly orientate yourself on them.

3. Organize your closet

You are more likely to make a new start in fashion if you first deal with your old style. Tidy up your closet and dispose of old and broken clothes. Then sort everything by color. This way you can keep track and see immediately which items of clothing and accessories and which colors are missing.

Put your cloakroom plans into action

1. Get some fashion basics for your new looks

Now that you know exactly which items of clothing you need for your new clothing style, you can go on your first shopping tour - preferably online. A specific shopping list that you work through is helpful here. So the huge selection of fashion online shops doesn't distract you so easily. You don't have to buy everything new right away. It is best to start with accessories such as necklaces, belts, scarves, bags and shoes. They are cheap and instantly transform a boring look into something exciting new. If you are still a little unsure at the beginning, slowly approach colorful clothing. It doesn't have to be the red mini dress right away - try a red bag or red pumps first. With them you also make a clear fashion statement.

2. Experiment and learn

After trying a few new items of clothing, you slowly get a sense of what really works for you and what doesn't. Now it's especially important to listen to your gut instinct. Don't force yourself to wear new things just to get noticed. If you don't feel that comfortable in them after all, just leave it and try something different.

3. Build your new style

Once you feel comfortable with your first new clothes, it's time to invest in even more new clothes - including pieces that you don't usually buy for a year, like winter coats. Gradually leave your old clothes completely away and only wear the beautiful, new, colorful things that make you happy. If your inside and outside are finally in harmony, you automatically appear much more self-confident and attractive.

Taking a simple outfit to the next level - 3 examples

In theory, that sounds all very well, but you still don't know how to best implement our tips? Don't worry, because we give you 3 specific outfit examples:

Finally, you could also wear a simple dress with comfortable statement pumps. In order to be able to make friends with this feminine look faster, stick to your usual colors with the outfit basics, such as dress and tights.

Our outfit tips at a glance:

  • Instead of simple t-shirts, wear feminine tops such as blouses and tops. These can be skin-tight, but they don't have to.
  • Forget about shapeless wide pants. Instead, you should wear stylish, tight-fitting jeans that you replace with skirts every now and then.
  • There are also numerous alternatives for sneakers. You don't necessarily have to wear high heels to be feminine and trendy. How about loafers, lace-ups and brogues?
  • Accessories such as scarves, belts, jewelry as well as hats and caps are important components of every stylish outfit. Try to incorporate at least one of these into your look every day.

The 5 golden rules of a confident appearance

  1. Don't keep your favorite clothes for special occasions. Wear them as often as you want. Because only in them will you feel really comfortable and attractive.
  1. Never leave the house in an outfit that you are not 100 percent comfortable in. If you are unsure whether a look suits you, just take a picture of yourself in the mirror. Since you look at pictures more objectively than your counterpart, you will most likely be able to decide for yourself whether the respective outfit suits you or not. By the way, this trick also works in the changing room. Before you decide on a piece of clothing next time, do the photo test!
  1. Rely on details such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. They round off your outfits and make them particularly individual and stylish. Even a single statement necklace makes a huge difference!
  1. Pay attention to your appearance in general. Clean skin, shiny hair and well-groomed hands and feet are a must!
  1. Always wear some makeup. Lacquered fingernails or lipstick in a strong shade of red make you look feminine, fashionable and sexy with little effort.

Now we wish you a lot of fun implementing our style tips and good luck. If you need support or have any questions, just drop us a comment and we'll try our best to help you. Frank is for straight lines, clear structures and likes it rather minimalist. Favorite color: All shades of gray.

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