How can I practice karate at home?

Learn karate - tips and tricks for everyday life

Karate Kid as a role model?

Children learn karate in a playful way

The training in karate Dojo begins. Each child greets the other politely. Some parents get big eyes and ask themselves: is this my child? But karate is more than just a sport, it's a martial art.

Train karate in the traditional way

The Makiwara - the exercise device for better karate techniques

A Makiwara is a traditional exercise tool to practice the techniques at karate to refine. To many karate beginners, the sight may seem barbaric at first. A man-high board fastened to the ground, wrapped at the end with rice straw and linen, a karateka who constantly hits it with his fist. Is that supposed to be really good?

The long way of the masters

The dan grades of the martial art karate

With the 1st Dan the long road for karateka begins with karate at first, because Dan means "level". It is the beginning of a mental, character and physical development. The Dan-wearer strives for perfection in the course of the various master degrees.

The kyu system

The different belts in Shotokan Karate

The different belt grades start with the highest number, the 9th Kyu, and end with the lowest number, the 1st Kyu. A karate Beginners always start with the 9th Kyu. If he has passed all belt grades, then he has the chance to take his 1st Dan, the master's degree.

Kumite - meeting of the hands

The martial art of karate as a competition

The traditional one karate didn't know any Kumite. It was not until the 20th century that Grand Master Funakoshi put together the first form of partner struggle, the kumite, following the urging of his students.

The basis of martial arts

Every beginning is difficult - Kihon, the karate elementary school

The student stands expectantly in the for the first time karate Training and realizes that he has to relearn how to "walk". Every step, every arm and hand movement must be worked out precisely so that he can later combine the techniques into the katas.

Forms of exercise in karate

The Kata as the secret language of the old masters

The Kata in the karate describes certain techniques in a fixed sequence. It emerged from the historical development of this martial art and is the key to every fight.