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What does Gujarati 'Sanedo' mean?

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Sanedo (સનેડો) means in English = flow of love from the bottom of the heart.

When a person is in a full of pleasant / amiable mood and sings the songs or dances like nobody is watching them called Sanedo in typical Gujarati language.



I have lived in Ahmedabad for almost 23 years. I also lived in Vapi, Valsad and Vadodara for a couple of years and have traveled to many other places in Gujarat. With things like the alcohol ban and some shopkeepers saying no to you with a surprised or arrogant look when you ask about eggs, yes, it's a relatively safe state. But with almost zero nightlife and not a lot of places to visit, especially in the big cities like Ahmedabad and Vadodara, it's a boring state. Gujaratis can eat as much unhealthy vegetarian food as possible. In general, there are no healthy food options here. When you take D Mart out of the town of Vadodara, you can imagine living in a semi-village. But the people here are very happy with their lives. And those who are not planning to leave the country. Gujaratis are far more helpful than any other Indian breed, but they will always make you realize that you are not part of their community. You can never be a part of them. You will remain an outsider no matter how long you've been with them. The people here are money minded or more enterprising. And that's why this state is so rich. The state is home to some of India's premium institutes. Apart from these institutes, however, the quality of the training is not satisfactory. Gujaratis also measure English and soft skills are less important in business and trade are more valued here. In terms of availability and cost, I don't like Gujarat. You only realize this if you've lived outside of Gujarat. All in all, it's a good state to be in after retirement. Unfortunately, I spend my youth here and if I had left Gujarat successfully I would have retired.