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The Truth About Bill Gates

Think and act entrepreneurially

"When it comes to international health, there is no getting around the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," said the science journalist Volkart Wildermuth recently in an interview with "Deutschlandfunk Nova". In the fight against poverty and disease, the Foundation uses sums "that exceed the health budgets of many countries." This is also criticized, in particular with regard to the support of the World Health Organization and the cooperation with large companies - including pharmaceutical companies, but also Retail chains or beverage manufacturers. On the other hand, Bill Gates has run a very large company with Microsoft himself - it is hard to blame him for the fact that he thinks and acts entrepreneurially when working in his foundation. Especially since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, contrary to what is sometimes claimed, does not decide what happens at Gavi, the WHO or other beneficiaries. In Germany, the foundation supports projects at the Charité in Berlin, the Max Planck Society, the Berliner Tafel and also at “Spiegel online” - there it is about the “Global Society” project, with which Spiegel does its online reporting on topics such as “migration”, “climate change” and “social inequality”. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding this project with 2.3 million euros, spread over three years, but has no influence on the reporting. Spiegel applied for the funding online from the Gates Foundation and was not offered by Bill or Melinda Gates.

hats off

Information like this is easy to find on the internet. The foundation lists all donations on its homepage. Many conspiracy theorists also seem to know this page, because the numbers appear again and again in relevant YouTube videos - there, however, with a whispering undertone, as if they were secret payments that the world would finally find out about. It would be nice if these Youtubers would also take a look at the other pages of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Because then it would quickly become clear: Bill Gates has done so much good in the world that every conspiracy theorist would have to pull off his aluminum hat.