Which main subjects belong to the STEM training

Which STEM degree offers good career opportunities?

1000 cats  📅 15.07.2013 19:45:38
Which STEM degree offers good career opportunities?
Admittedly, not a very original question

After I leaned strongly in the direction of philosophy, literature, psychology, I am now considering enrolling for a degree in a MINT area on the last day of the local NC enrollments, contrary to my school strengths and interests, in the hope that after 3 -4 excruciating years of learning (I am already 26, graduated from secondary school with 1.0) to have good chances of a well-paid job. Unfortunately, my greatest disinterest is programming, I have no connection to computers.

So what do you study? Math, physics, chemistry, engineering, any mix? Even a dual course of study?
JuraFR  📅 15.07.2013 20:09:01
Re: Which STEM degree program offers good career opportunities?
Do you already realize that the job will be a continuation of your studies ?! After 3-4 excruciating years of learning, you will only have 30-40 excruciating years of use.

So stop the nonsense. You can earn money with psychology, if necessary law as a humanities with the later opportunity to make a good living. But that depends on your interests and strengths.
1000 cats  📅 15.07.2013 20:43:58
Re: Which STEM degree offers good career opportunities?
So according to all of my research, there is no money to be made with psychology - at most with business psychology, but the professions behind this course would not suit me at all.

I've heard from people who have studied STEM subjects and are now working that many professions in these areas have little to do with the course content and are quite stress-free, if a little boring. However, the good pay should more than make up for it.

It is quite complicated if your own inclinations cannot be translated into benefits for the economy and thus into a secure job
JuraFR  📅 15.07.2013 20:59:26
Re: Which STEM degree program offers good career opportunities?
Well, in law you don't deal directly with the course content in your job. This is quite normal in that it is a study and not an apprenticeship.

However, the area remains the same: In Jura, for example, you don't start calculating complex formulas all at once on a job. And as a MINT student you will of course not bring your study knowledge 1 to 1 to the job, but you will still deal with the respective natural or engineering subject.

Unless you go directly and quickly to an area that is more accessible to business students. But why not study business administration right away?

Apart from that, the question is whether you could successfully complete your studies at all, what you don't enjoy for years and do a job that bores you for decades.
1000 cats  📅 15.07.2013 21:02:43
Re: Which STEM degree program offers good career opportunities?
the question of whether you would be happier in a boring (albeit stress-free) job, because good pay gives you a hundred times more freedom and opportunities to spend your free time than in a job that fulfills you (at least you enjoy it), but hardly the reward paid bills and nothing left for any luxury in life is certainly the core of my indecision and unfortunately can only be answered through experience that I do not have and can only do later
JuraFR  📅 15.07.2013 21:20:19
Re: Which STEM degree offers good career opportunities?
The question remains, how stress-free can a job be that is contrary to your inclinations. If I had to do something every day that I don't really care about at all, it would be extremely stressful for me.

Apart from that, the stress-free and well-paid jobs in the MINT area are also dying out. If so, you would have to be pretty good in the subject for jobs like this and I doubt that if you don't enjoy your studies at all.

Why not business administration? Less extreme against your inclinations and you can get a run-of-the-mill office job better, which is also reasonably paid. Alternatively, I would say yes, if you really want to torture yourself during your studies, do medicine and become a family doctor
the carpenter  📅 15.07.2013 21:20:46
Re: Which STEM degree program offers good career opportunities?
From what I have noticed, only the I and the T of the MINT subjects are still interesting from a monetary point of view or, apart from the medical profession, are probably the only labor markets without a large excess of supply (as there is TEILW. In business administration / law).
Whereby one also with computer science and technology / Ing. should rather be careful and not of a supply gap, but of a "good" market with still rel. well balanced supply & demand should speak - see "Skilled workers lie and criticism of the VDI figures" -

To be honest, I don't think that you can study a computer science or engineering subject so successfully that you get an adequate job afterwards if these two areas are neither in your own range of interests nor skills.

You seem to care about the money ONLY; then you'd better get a good education at a concert in southern Germany!
1000 cats  📅 15.07.2013 21:29:04
Re: Which STEM degree program offers good career opportunities?
Thank you for your insights, I will probably first study according to my inclination and, if in doubt, then change later or start the said training - for someone who has spent his life in great poverty, it is difficult to estimate (or difficult not to overestimate ) how much luck money (car, vacation, good food, etc.) can bring - you simply lack life experience.

But first I will see if I can get something out of such a decried course as German studies with full commitment and great motivation, because that would be an ideal scenario
Re: Which STEM degree offers good career opportunities?
Especially since you don't study a Mint subject for 3-4 years ... In most things a doctorate is compulsory and if you only start at the age of 26, you would only be in your mid-30s to the point where you could apply anywhere .. Better stick to your first decisions
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