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undergraduate  📅 17.02.2008 14:05:37
i would also like to see the scores from oetzi. and please be honest.

also agree to setarkos. blair is a master. so not a transfer student. As a master's degree, yale is not that popular in europe and especially in germany because the business school is not as good as Harvard, Wharton (Upenn), Kellog (northwestern) or sloan (with).

@ blair, answer the questions from bocconi. graduation, course and university. that makes the assessment easier. Hopefully she'll see that opinions differ greatly here.

I can assure you that the American Ivy League universities are not just about heirs to the millions and legecies. i was in america for a year. most of my friends are at top universities and most of them with the help of a scholarship or loan. In princeton, for example, there are no longer any loans. if you need money, your studies will be financed and you don't even have to pay it back.
that's why the ivy leaguy's admission procedure is also called NEED-BLIND.

I very much hope that not everyone with a contrary opinion will report to word, who blocked the way to the east coast himself by saying everything badly.
undergraduate  📅 17.02.2008 14:14:04
with a score in the critical reading part of 650, you do not need to do the TOEFL for columbia
The Ötzi  📅 17.02.2008 15:17:23
I have already mentioned my SAT scores etc. in previous posts. Just skim it. My TOEFL scores came in recently: 119.

I also wrote the ACT at Yale a few days ago, as I was a guest in Connecticut anyway. However, the results are not there yet. But my SATs are good enough that I don't have to rely on the ACT and only send in the results in the case of perfect scores.

I applied regular decision everywhere. So far I have been accepted by UCL (with interview), i.e. I have good chances in Cambridge. Both are approximately equally selective.

I'm one of those people who won't cry tears after the Ivy League if it's canceled.
The Ötzi  📅 17.02.2008 15:34:42
Undergraduate, "need blind" is just a phrase, kiddo. Just as the German Democratic Republic was "democratic", the admissions policy in HYP is "need blind".

Don't be so hideously naive. Who is more likely to be accepted? A very good applicant with enough money for the tuition or a slightly better applicant with empty hands?

In addition, other Ivy League colleges explicitly state that international applicants receive little or no financial help (see Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, I'm not sure about Penn).
Of course, the Ivy League doesn't just consist of special groups (legacies, rich kids, etc.). Don't be so lazy and read through my previous posts on this before you contradict me. However, you don't really believe that little Natalie Portman would have been accepted at Harvard if she hadn't already been a millionaire movie star at the time of her application, plus a popular figure (the devil only knows why!), On her fame Harvard is still using it for marketing purposes? Do you think she would have been adopted if her daddy wasn't a famous researcher in the field of artificial insemination? No, child, you don't really believe that.
TamTamTum  📅 17.02.2008 15:47:03
It's not all Ivy League that shines ... In some subjects there are better universities that are not in the Ivy League. By the way, this is just a sports league and has absolutely nothing to do with academic matters (self-testimony of the universities that are in the league). Most students in the US don't get paid for a full course of study. Sometimes you have to pay money for living expenses (including everything and at universities you have to pay extra shit despite high tuition fees) and sometimes you don't get reimbursed for the tuition fees. So you're in the US with a 6-digit amount in the crap if you leave university with a bachelor's degree. Since the credit markets in the US are collapsing completely (the state (!) Michigan no longer grants loans to students because of this - other states and institutions will follow) a precarious and extremely expensive matter.
The German Bachelor's degree is clearly above the American one. In the American bachelor's program, you will do a colorful mix of all subjects for 2 years and then specialize for 2 years. In the German Bachelor's degree you specialize for 3 years and in the Abitur you do things that correspond to the colorful mix (don't need a pig afterwards anyway). The three-year bachelor's degree in the UK is also seen as equivalent to the four-year bachelor's degree in the US (strictly speaking, it is even higher, but that cannot be expressed in an academic degree). Of course, the US universities are scared of the Bologna process, as there are a lot of good universities in Europe and the degree there is also cheaper, the degrees become more comparable and in the end it does not pay to take on these debts!
The grade inflation, especially at good universities in the US, does not exactly increase the quality of the course.
T.C.  📅 17.02.2008 16:27:39
Just a quick question: The Cambridge website does not say that TOEFL is accepted as an English test. However, Oxford accepts TOEFL as an English test. Is it the case with TOEFL that it is only accepted in Oxford, but not in Cambirdge?
The Ötzi  📅 17.02.2008 17:16:54
T.C., I didn't have to submit an English certificate for Cambridge, as I had to take a separate aptitude test for my degree program directly in Cambridge.
I didn't apply to Oxford, so I don't know what is accepted and what is not.

You probably know that you can only apply for Oxford or Cambridge, but not for both universities. Please inform yourself on www.ucas.com, the official application portal for all UK universities.
undergraduate  📅 17.02.2008 18:08:29
so i think with your expression you distance yourself relatively strongly from the credibility of oetzi. and the choice of name, just as a girl, is probably very tough.
None of this seems particularly intelligent to me, but I shouldn't say anything about your scores,

I'm just surprised that you have good chances in cambridge. and you haven't even been to an interview, but you have already been accepted at ucl. the interviews were in december.

and why are you so firmly convinced that it's all about money. have you ever met a student? harvard, princeton, yale, notre dame, stanford are so infinitely rich that they can easily afford non-paying students.
67 percent of undergraduates at harvard receive financial aid. and what's so bad about nathalie portman being there. can't an actor also be intelligent and bring diversity to the university.

just do not understand such attitudes, and understand even less how one can be so bitter. now.

@ t.c can only apply in oxford or cambridge anyway

@tamtamtum if you want to specialize and ideally bwl right away, then the German bachelor's degree is clearly good. but you should go to america if you are looking for a general degree. and that looks very different from the German advanced level.
if you mean that nobody needs "for the job" anyway, that is of course clear.
but there are a few other fields of life
undergraduatesag  📅 17.02.2008 21:10:27
tell me are you serious? because I answer a question someone asked, although the answer was given on one of 19 pages?

As a cafeteria member, I don't have to worry about my intelligence
@ TamTamTum

Don't spread the rumors again that going to an Ivy League university is impossible without ending up with "six-figure debts" unless Daddy is a Saudi Arabian oil billionaire. Financial Aid support is tailored to the income of the parents and the needs of the student. Even if "need blind" is not quite as blind as it claims, it only means that paying students have relatively better chances, but not that you get an acceptance with the footnote that you have to pay for everything, even though both parents are unemployed.
In the end, the admission rate for paying applicants is probably slightly higher, but this does not make the biggest difference, since the proportion of paying applicants is significantly smaller than that of those who apply for Financial Aid.
Celebrities and applicants whose fathers let a "small" donation grow over are excluded, but they are not the addicts of the scales either, as their share should be quite small.

The Ivy League is a sports league, yes, but the term is used as an equivalent to the group of American elite universities, which also includes a few non-Ivy League members. In addition, the Ivy League is technically just a sports league, but the members have sat down again and again over the centuries and discussed their academic claims in order to maintain their elite reputation. Thus, the "Ivy League" sports league also has a relation to and influence on the academic world.
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