What are the types of celebrities

Attempted definition for A, B, and so on celebrities

Danger! The following is not important. Those who are not interested in celebrities should be congratulated and advised not to read any further. The article does not deal with world peace and completely ignores that there are more important things in the world. Since this insight is unsurpassably profound, we ask that you do not want to go into further detail in comments. After all, it is clear: Anyone who deals with such nonsense as below cannot be helped on the way to true knowledge even with the most shrewd comment. Therefore we decline with thanks.

There are people who are known to the general public. For these, the term “celebrity” has become established. The yardstick of the public has been television for decades and the ubiquity of the Internet has not (yet) changed that. This could be due to the fact that media consumption on the Internet is more individual. But who a celebrity is continues to be defined on and by television.

The concept of the celebrity shall not be discussed here. It differs significantly from its origin, the term "celebrity". A celebrity or a celebrity were outstanding personalities to whom the audience could look up with a certain amount of admiration, perhaps most comparable to today's A-list celebrities. But these celebrities were soon joined by very well-known people who were not only admired by the audience, but also laughed at and sometimes laughed at openly. In analogy to the B films, the category of B celebrities was opened for the category of not admired, well-known people. But this opening soon led to a further development of the celebrity character downwards. But since there were actually only the categories A-film and B-film and the remaining category C-film (= produced with even fewer resources than a B-film), the film analogy soon came to nothing.

In fact, there is still no valid definition of the various celebrity categories. Wikipedia also explains the B celebrities and refers to the beautiful Swiss term of cervelat celebrities, but beyond that we couldn't find any further attempt at definition. There are a few discussions, but these quickly slip into specific names or malice, which is not particularly helpful, as many of the names will soon be forgotten, but the phenomenon of letter prominence will continue to accompany us.

That is why we want to propose a definition here:

A celebrityTV Star - a person who is omnipresent on television through their involvement in movies, music, sports, television appearances, or politics.
B celebrityMedia star - a person who is very present in the media, but mostly through what he is, less through what he does. So an actor can play less important roles, but keep giving interesting interviews, or a newscaster can look exceptionally good.
C celebrityScandal star - a person who is very present in the media for a long time because of a deviation from the norm. The C-celebrity can be very overweight or wear special body jewelry or be known for a special, very unusual political attitude.
D celebrityHas been - was once a B-celebrity or a C-celebrity and can maintain this media presence at a reduced level, since the B-celebrity's interesting behavior has been exhausted or the C-celebrity's scandal is over.
E-celebrityShould be - a clever writer, a Nobel Prize winner or some other impressive person who is not suitable for celebrities because other requirements for media presence are missing: Does not look good enough, speaks too long sentences, uses more complicated words than “tree”. You should see such people on TV more often, it is said again and again on the rare occasions when they are on TV and then they are never invited again.
F-celebrityWannabe - would like to be a higher celebrity and is clearly willing to give anything for it, especially his dignity. This unconditional ingratiation to the audience gives this audience a pleasant feeling of power, so that the F-celebrity actually receives a certain media presence.
G celebritySecond-hand - his wife or brother are higher celebrities or they themselves resemble a higher celebrity in some way ("Elvis von Emsland") and can be used when the real celebrities are not available.
Umlaut celebrityNever has been - was once an F or G celebrity and is now needed for any format (jungle camp, celebrity dinner, car dealership opening) that wants to shine with “celebrities” without a real celebrity even near this format want to be seen. His “prominence” usually has to be explained in a very complicated way.
Special characters celebrity (supplement 02.01.15) In order to increase the contempt for noisy non-celebrities, the term special character celebrity is sometimes used today as an increase in "umlaut celebrity".