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Every year the best airlines in the world are chosen, Skytrax provides the Top 10 best airlines in front. 2019 has it again Qatar Airways made it to the top and was voted the best airline in the world. You can now find out why the airline deserved first place and how the result of this survey differs so much from that of, another survey platform.

These are the best airlines in the world

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The 10 best airlines in the world according to Skytrax

In June 2019, Skytrax, a respected rating platform, announced its World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2019, the best airlines in the world, chosen:

1st place:Qatar Airways (Qatar)

Place 2: Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

Place 3: ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)

4th place:Cathay Pacific Airways (China)

5th place:Emirates (UAE)

Rank 6: EVA Air (Taiwan)

7th place:Hainan Airlines (China)

8th place: Qantas Airways (Australia)

9th place: Lufthansa (Germany)

Place 10: Thai Airways (Thailand)

While Singapore Airlines took first place last year, Qatar Airways earned first place in 2019 and thus the coveted Oscar of the aviation industry. Why is the Skytrax ranking so meaningful? Because the ranking is not made by experts, but by theVoting thePassengers which the respective airlines have rated according to various factors. In other words: Qatar Airways passengers were always extremely satisfied. I can understand the reasons for this satisfaction, because I have also had pleasant flights with the airline.

A German airline also made it into the Skytrax Top 10: DieLufthansa scores with passengers and can at least secure 9th place among the best airlines in the world.

The best airlines in the world according to

These are the top 10 best airlines for 2019 at

1st place: Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

Place 2: Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Place 3: Qantas Airways (Australia)

4th place:Qatar Airways (Qatar)

5th place:Virgin Australia (Australia)

Rank 6: Emirates (UAE)

7th place: ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)

8th place: EVA Air (Taiwan)

9th place: Cathay Pacific Airways (China)

Place 10: Japan Airlines (Japan)

The ranking was published in November 2018. In order to even be included in the list of the 10 best airlines, the airlines must meet high standards.

Who is not 7 star ranking in terms of safety receives is out of the question for one of the top places.

The “Safety Ranking” determined by JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center), ie the ranking of the safest airlines, plays a major role in the rating of the airlines. Furthermore, good ratings, service and the commitment of the crew are evaluated in order to get a place in the top 10.

Surprising: While there is no trace of Air New Zealand in the Skytrax ranking, the ranking again does not mention Hainan Airlines or Lufthansa, which are in the top 10 on Skytrax. These differences can have various reasons, which I would like to explain to you in more detail.

How do the differences in the rankings come about?

  • Different selection process: While the editors vote at, at Skytrax it is the passengers themselves who vote on their favorite airline. Accordingly, in one case it is an expert vote and in the other a large-scale survey among passengers. The results are therefore not simply comparable.
  • Different target groups: The Airline Ratings website is presented by The West Australian, a news portal Down Under. Accordingly, the editors serve a different readership than Skytrax, which is based in London. This can have an impact on the result.
  • Different experiences: While New Zealanders and Australians fly west or east with Air New Zealand or Qantas, Europeans often use Emirates, Qatar Airways or Etihad for these destinations. When it comes to choosing the best airline, what counts first and foremost is probably your own experience - regardless of whether the editors or readers vote. So a tendency in one direction or another is not only possible, but rather likely.

In general, both votes are a good indicator of the quality of the airlines, but also of their service and safety on board. So you’re not going wrong with these airlines. But now I'm also interested in your opinion: What was your experience with the airlines? Which airline is your personal favorite? Correct in my survey and choose the best airline in the world!

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