How do I find good scholarships

Not a model student? These scholarships have a heart for losers and weird birds

Anyone who thinks that scholarships are only awarded to students with top grades and an impeccable demeanor is seriously wrong. Study foundations such as the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the Study Foundation of the German People or the Cusanus-Werk attach great importance to these prerequisites. However, numerous smaller foundations make their funding dependent on completely different criteria. There are, for example, scholarships for left-handers, for birds of paradise, for owl researchers and civil servants' daughters or for people who want to find themselves. We have compiled a list of the most unusual scholarships. Perhaps you will also find the right scholarship among them?

Scholarship for being different

At the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen you also have the chance of a scholarship if you are not a model student. This should also make it possible for people with breaks in their CV to study. For example, long-term students, those who drop out of training, those who remain sedentary, mothers or bankrupts can apply for the twelve diversity grants.

Birds of prey and owl scholarship

Did you want to become an ornithologist as a small child? Then this scholarship might be just right for you. Every year the Dr. Elmar Schlögl Foundation awards prizes for scientific research that deals with the protection of birds of prey and owls. 500 € ¹ can be yours once!

Birds of Paradise wanted

The initiative for transparent student funding is looking for birds of paradise, exotic species and lateral thinkers in cooperation with Mawista GmbH. The scholarship is aimed at people with unconventional résumés who do not have a chance with the usual foundations. You will receive € 500 ¹ every month for a whole year.

Scholarship for the daughters of Bavarian civil servants

Bavarian civil servants' daughters have it good. They can have their studies subsidized with up to € 300 ¹ per semester for three years. The Emilie Porzersche Foundation provides the financial means for this.

Scholarship for homosexuality

No, you don't have to be gay to get this scholarship. But at the August von Platen Foundation you only get money if you are involved in a scientific paper on the subject of homosexuality. You can get € 500 ¹ per month for one year.

The duck scholarship

Another scholarship for bird lovers. Whoever attracts the most ducks in four different ways within 90 seconds can win the US $ 1,500 scholarship of the “Chick an Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest”.

Scholarship for "impeccable boys and girls"

Caught - with this rather unusual scholarship, as with the large foundations, applicants must not attract attention with escapades or bad grades. The Urban, Brigitte and Johannes Goll Foundation only awards grants to “impeccable boys and girls”. However, there is a small catch. In order to receive this scholarship, you are only allowed to study pedagogy, social pedagogy or theology - which of course is exactly the right choice of study for an “impeccable boy”. And: You must come from the small town of Öfingen in Baden-Württemberg.

Jewish singing students preferred

The Anni Eisler Lehmann Foundation supports Jewish music students. Another requirement: Your musical training must take place at the Peter Cornelius Conservatory of the City of Mainz or at the University of Music at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. By the way, female singing students are preferred.

There are also scholarships for average students

Are you the absolute average student and have neither top grades nor outstanding volunteer work? Then your chances of getting a scholarship for average students are not bad at all. Together with the online platform, the Eurocentres Foundation for Language and Education Centers supports students who do not stand out from the crowd. The scholarship includes a language course of several weeks in the USA, pocket money, food and accommodation.

Right-handers have no chance of this scholarship

As a right-hander, you can forget about the Frederick and Mary Francys Buckley Scholarship. This is only available to left-handers who study at the American Juanita College. The left-handed scholarship holders can win a whopping € 1,000 ¹.

Scholarships for students with unusual part-time jobs

Do you work as a golf ball diver or high-heel trainer alongside your studies to earn your money? Then we have an extraordinary scholarship for you from the Initiative for Transparent Study Funding. This time in cooperation with the American Institute for Foreign Study. It is aimed at students who have a great part-time job and are interested in a study visit worth € 8,760 ¹ at the American Foothill College. By the way, waiters or babysitting do not apply!

Path Finder Scholarship

There is a scholarship for doing nothing at the University of Witten / Herdecke. The scholarship enables prospective students to take a year off and find themselves. Whether you want to go on a trip around the world, write a book or philosophize on your sofa is entirely up to you. The Path.Finder grant provides you with a financial cushion of € 700 ¹ per month for your project.