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From 16: TikTok introduces minimum age for direct messages

TikTok users under the age of 16 will soon no longer be able to send and receive direct messages. The new regulation will apply from April 30th, as the video platform announced according to dpa. Anyone affected by the change will receive a notification in the app and should export their chat data, because from the deadline onwards, access to the message archive will no longer be possible.

From a youth protection perspective, however, the new regulation only works if young people honestly stated their age when registering. TikTok has set a minimum age of 13 years in the general terms of use. The age is only requested, not checked, so that even younger children can be on the platform if they cheated when registering. The same goes for outwitting the direct messaging restriction.

Parents can connect to their children's app

Parents who know or suspect this can then only prevent their child from writing or receiving direct messages in the so-called accompanied mode - or at least stipulate that messages may only be exchanged with friends who are friends.

To do this, parents must first install TikTok themselves. To activate the said mode, go to the settings "Digital Wellbeing / Privacy" and "Settings / Accompanied Mode". A QR code is then displayed, which the child has to scan with their smartphone. In this way, the apps are connected and the child agrees that TikTok use may be regulated. However, parents cannot see what content their child is viewing or what messages and comments they receive or send.

Parents in the USA filed a class action lawsuit against TikTok last year, complaining about the lack of data protection for young users. The data of children under the age of 13 are particularly protected there. The year before, there had already been a settlement between ByteDance, the TikTok mother, and the US trade authority FTC - in the amount of a $ 5.7 million fine. In addition, there are US investigations into general data protection and censorship concerns against the Chinese app. (emw)

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