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Skylanders are divided into 10 elements. There are the elements magic, water, technology, life, fire, air, ghosts, earth as well as light and shadow. Since Skylanders: Imaginators there is also a Skylander from the Kaos element: Kaos' clone.

There are 32 Skylanders in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. There are also 5 special Skylanders Legendary Trigger Happy, Legendary Chop Chop, Legendary Bash, Legendary Spyro and Dark Spyro.

Skylanders: Giants has 16 new Skylanders; 8 Giants have been added, which are much larger and stronger than the original Skylanders. Series 2 Skylanders have been reworked and have an ability called Wow Pow Force. There are also 8 Lightcore Skylanders, which light up in some places when set up on the portal.

In Skylanders: SWAP Force, 16 Swap Force Skylanders have been added, which can swap their upper and lower body, which allows you to use unique combinations. Here, too, there are Series 2 and Series 3 Skylanders, which have new wow-pow capabilities. In addition, 16 new Skylanders and 8 LightCore Skylanders join the large army.



On the Skylanders, earned EP, stolen coins, a self-named nickname, found and put on hats, improved status values ​​and the level are saved. They are also compatible with any console. So you can use the Skylander at home, take it with you to a friend and place it there on their Portal of Power. The take-away variant is important for duels.


Every Skylander starts at level 1.

The final level of a Skylander is this:

  • 10 levels in Skylanders: Spyro´s Adventure
  • 15 levels in Skylanders: Giants
  • 20 levels in Skylanders: SWAP Force and Trap Team

You level your Skylander by defeating monsters. When your Skylander advances to the next level in a level, it gains full life on its life track. How much EP your Skylander still needs to get a level-up tells you the yellow bar at the bottom left of the picture (gold or silver ones start at level 5).


As soon as a Skylander appears in a game, it can be used again and again in subsequent games.

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