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Names and synonyms sapphire

Demantspat, Harmophan, Hartspat

Color sapphire


blue, green, yellow, purplecorundum

Varieties of the family

Sapphire, star sapphire

Meaning of sapphire

The name of this gem is derived from the Greek "sappheiros" for "blue". There are different theories about the ultimate origin and derivation of its name, as it was already known in many ancient cultures. One of them is that his name comes from Sanskrit, where he was called "sani" (in German: Saturn) and is still assigned to Saturn in traditional Indian medicine. There are many myths and legends about the sapphire. In the Revelation of John he was considered the second of the twelve foundation stones of the new Jerusalem and Damigeron wrote about him around 200 AD: “The sapphire partakes of God with great honor. Kings wear it around their necks because it is the most powerful protection. ”Even Hildegard von Bingen described its healing effects in the Middle Ages and used it as a remedy against obsession. Since the beginning of the last century it has been possible to synthetically produce sapphires of almost identical quality of unlimited size. This expanded its use and made it interesting for industry and space travel due to its hardness and thermal conductivity. Due to its enormous hardness, sapphire can scratch all other materials except for diamonds. Synthetically produced colorless sapphires are often brought into circulation as imitations of diamonds and are traded under the name "diamandite" or "diamondite". Sapphire itself comes in different colors, each with their own trade names or synonyms. These include, for example, the classic sapphire with its intense blue color, also known as “cashmere sapphire”, and the specialty “Padparadscha” with its pink to orange color. The star sapphire was named because of its unique optical effect (so-called asterism effect), which breaks the light in the sapphire in a star shape.

The sapphire is one of the most important healing stones. An overview and description of the most important gemstones can be found in the article "Top healing stones". In our comprehensive gemstone lexicon, there are even more than 400 healing stones with images that can be searched for color, origin, effect, meaning, zodiac sign, etc.

Effect sapphire

Hildegard von Bingen recognized the effects of cornflower blue sapphire on the nerves and used it against obsession. Her findings were already very comprehensive back then, because the sapphire is still considered the strongest healing stone to strengthen the nerves. The sapphire has the ability to calm the nerves and to strengthen them. Thereby it has a soothing effect on the mind. At the same time, the sapphire strengthens the will power of its owner and allows goals or wishes to be realized in a straight line and with energy. In necessary situations, this gemstone also increases concentration and can alleviate anxiety. The sapphire gives inner peace and brings spiritual growth and clarity.

Is sapphire a protective stone?


Hildegard von Bingen and Saphir


Charging, discharging, cleaning sapphire

Should be discharged once a month under running water or with hematite tumbled stones. A rock crystal recharges the sapphire.

Application sapphire

Should be worn with direct skin contact or placed on the affected parts of the body.

Gemstone water with sapphire

Suitable for direct contact with water? Yes

Gemstone water production

Inlay, gemstone bowl, boiling, steam, test tube, crystal introduction, gemstone disc

Gemstone water effect

particularly strong

Chakra sapphire

  • The sapphire works best on the throat chakra, but can also be used on the third eye, the third eye chakra. Yellow gemstones can be used on the solar plexus chakra. Green sapphires should be placed on the heart chakra.

Main chakra


  • Third eye, throat chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra

Meditation with sapphire

He brings vitality through meditation.

Zodiac sapphire

The sapphire is an important main stone for the Pisces zodiac sign. This gemstone increases its spirituality and gives it the ability to accept criticism and assert itself. The sapphire is also an important side stone for the zodiac sign Capricorn, because it increases its spirituality.

Zodiac main stone

Zodiac side stone

Pisces, SagittariusCapricorn

Sign of the zodiac decade stone

Zodiac compensation stone

3rd decade (12.12. - 21.12.)n / A.

Forgery of sapphire

n / A.

Formation of sapphire

Sapphire is a variety of corundum. It is mainly found in igneous rocks such as pegmatites or granite, but also in metamorphic rocks such as marble or gneiss. It is also found in soaps as a river deposit. Its colors are determined by the iron (yellow), titanium (blue) and vanadium (green) it contains. The optical effect of the star sapphire is caused by oriented embedded rutile needles. Sapphire belongs to the mineral class of oxides.

Occurrence of sapphire

Main countries

Sri Lanka


Australia, Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Burma, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, USA



Author: Birgit Schweikart