Can we believe in fate

Is our life just fate? How does God lead our life?

Enough. Out. Past. The relationship is over and the tears flow. Yes dear god where are you now It was said that my life was in your hands! That shows it clearly: life is only fate after all.

Maybe it's just another stroke of fate. Yes, the word blow hits the point, but what is this fate actually? In any case, it's something that won't leave anyone behind. It is an event that you experience in life without being planned and without being able to influence it. It is something that shapes you in a big way and gives life a direction. Depending on how bad fate is, of course, or how well fate means it to you. But this knowledge is nothing new. The question is whether this so-called fate happened by chance or not? The bad experiences in life seem to show it: life is a matter of chance. But if you think about it further, this would mean that the world would also be just a product of chance. To be honest, quite a bleak thought.

No god also means no meaning. Is that why my life is meaningless? Wow, that would be really sad. And what if there is a higher power, maybe even a dear God? As Christians, we believe that God leads people in mysterious ways. That everyone's life is in God's hands. And there is not a moment when something falls out of his hands.

Does God know in advance what will happen?

It's actually pretty easy. We actually believe that God knows everything. Thus he also foresees what the human being will do. But his seeing is not just a passive watching. What God foresees, he has thus pre-ordained, pre-blessed and included in his plans. The thought may be complicated, but only because we are making a critical mistake: With God there is no time. All times are before God at the same time, he stands above time, so to speak. Hm, sounds pretty illogical. From our point of view, it is true. There are many things that we humans do not understand. Quite a lot, to be honest. Yet we know one thing for sure: God means well. God's plans always lead to good. It's as sure as the amen in church. The “why” question can often only be answered much later, sometimes not at all. And yet it is always God's super plan.

A super plan with mistakes?

That all sounds fine and good so far. But do natural disasters or wars also belong to this superplan? Or is it really a random fate after all? Or even a super plan that may not be so great after all ...? On the other hand, they say that God is good. So he cannot be evil at the same time. That would be a paradox. He cannot make mistakes either, because otherwise he would no longer be God. Suffering in itself has no meaning, but God can make sense of it. So God can integrate suffering into his super plan and even use it to make something better out of it.

Still, suffering remains suffering. That's true. Some situations are just more than terrible. But God's answer to suffering is that he walks the path with us. He is there. He carries the suffering with us. And so there is the experience that we can still feel an inner peace, even though we are outwardly bad. The super plan that God ultimately has in mind for every human being is love. We are allowed to share in the infinite love that God lives. This most extreme form of love fills us so much that we cannot even imagine it in our deepest longings! And sometimes it is the case that such a love comes to the fore in strokes of fate and suffering, where people stick together and approach one another. Again: God doesn't want suffering. But he may allow it so that we can grow even more in love.

Man as a puppet?

God knows what's going to happen. God has a plan for everyone. God allows strokes of fate. But can humans influence their lives? Are we free at all? Or is everything going according to plan anyway? How about our free will ...?
In Youcat it is clearly stated: “Freedom is the power given by God to be able to act entirely of oneself; whoever is free is no longer acting under external control. ”So it is not the case that we can do what we want, and everything happens as predetermined anyway. Then we would not be free. Human freedom consists in choosing what is good or what is bad. And this decision always remains with the person, he can say yes and no. This is how man influences his life, or if you will, his destiny. God does not deprive man of freedom, but he wants to lead him to freedom, to a good destiny.

The super plan is teamwork

The crazy thing about God's super plan is that it's made up of teamwork. The infinite, almighty God, who stands outside of time, wants us little humans on his team. He wants us to take responsibility, to have a say in decisions, even at the risk that his son will have to die because of it. That is ultimately God's answer to fate. Our freedom is so important to him that he would rather give his life than force us to do something. Our destiny, or rather the plan for our life, is to arrive at extreme love. To love as God loves. And we can trust that we can use everything that happens to us in life to get there. Good times, bad times, strokes of fate. That doesn't mean it's easy. But we know that we are always carried by God when we say yes to him.