President Obama is cool

John Legend: "President Obama is just plain cool"

John Legend produced the film "My First Lady" about Barack and Michelle Obama. In the interview he talks about their close friendship.

He is one of the most famous musicians in the world. Now John Legend (37, "All of Me") has mixed with the filmmakers for the first time. And that with a very daring project.

Legend not only acted as producer in the drama "My First Lady" (theatrical release September 15), but also wrote the ballad "Star". The film is about the early days of the relationship between US President Barack Obama and his future wife Michelle.

Close friendship with the presidential couple

The pop star is a big supporter of the current Obama administration and is one of the presidential couple's close circle of friends. Speaking to the news agency spot on news, Legend has now admitted that he assumes "that there will be a lot of art and films about the Obama's time in the White House over the next few years. So I'm delighted that our film will be the first Is a project that deals with the Obamas, "said the 37-year-old.

Legend himself had spoken to the President about this film several times prior to the film's release. He was very curious and was very optimistic that we would accurately portray the beginnings of his relationship with Michelle, "says Legend.

The pop star, who is married to swimwear model Chrissy Teigen, 30, and who recently became a father, also revealed to spot on news that the love between Barack and Michelle "didn't really stand a chance in the beginning because Michelle's relationship initially wanted to keep it on a professional level ".

"They're both just totally cool"

Legend described his impression of the US President as extremely positive: "I've had a lot of time with the President and the First Lady. They are both just totally cool. We are really lucky to have a couple in the White House, that is so authentic, honest and full of integrity. "

Of Obama's potential successor, Donald Trump, Legend said, "I just can't believe America is so stupid as voting a cardsharp like Trump into the White House."